Call me... Ishmael?

there is, of course, the irresistible urge to name him after a literary character or give him a name referencing something totally esoteric but at the same time totally dear to me. I've thought of naming him Frodo, a good name that comes from a very good book but i believe a lot of people have already laid claims on tolkien's characters. Naming him after any of the Glass family, on the other hand, would probably be too corny or too obvious. How about Aloysius, Sebastian's teddy bear in Brideshead Revisited? But then, am I saying that I would like to be Sebastian, a legendary dilettante? Medyo pretentious. How about naming him after a favorite filmmaker? Truffaut? Brocka? Eric Rohmer? Puppy fiction? Doggy Allen? Nah. My friend has a dog named DOGlas MacArthur and a pair of love birds named Ferdinand and Imelda (kahit sa simpleng paraan makulong man lang namin sila). Cute no.

After much brain-racking, however, I finally decided on naming him after a word that I learned when I was still reading about the Beatniks. One night in '50s New York, while poet Frank O' Hara was having a reading on stage, a drunken Jack Kerouac shouted: "You're killing poetry, O'Hara!" Kerouac's drinking buddy, who was also in the line-up that evening, poet Gregory Corso, second the motion by calling O'Hara's poetry as chi chi and inconsequential. A feud shortly began and it instantly extended to the cliques of the two writers --- O' Hara was a key member of the New York poets while Kerouac was with the Beatniks. The incident stuck in my head, obviously, along with the '50s word chi chi, which actually means trendy or fashionable. I love the sound of that word --- Chi chi. It's short and it jumps right out of your mouth. It's so memorable that it's so perfect for the newest addition to our household --- a female dog. Yes, she's a bitch. She poops and pees on everything. But she's marvelous. She's so, well, chi chi.

april 23, 2010



but wait till she stats teething :P
bwisit! said…
thanks! (proud parent daw ako hehehe)I know. ngayon palang mahilig nang ngatngatin ang mga mats namin. but i so love him. ang hirap pumasok sa opisina wehehehe!

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