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Call me... Ishmael?

there is, of course, the irresistible urge to name him after a literary character or give him a name referencing something totally esoteric but at the same time totally dear to me. I've thought of naming him Frodo, a good name that comes from a very good book but i believe a lot of people have already laid claims on tolkien's characters. Naming him after any of the Glass family, on the other hand, would probably be too corny or too obvious. How about Aloysius, Sebastian's teddy bear in Brideshead Revisited? But then, am I saying that I would like to be Sebastian, a legendary dilettante? Medyo pretentious. How about naming him after a favorite filmmaker? Truffaut? Brocka? Eric Rohmer? Puppy fiction? Doggy Allen? Nah. My friend has a dog named DOGlas MacArthur and a pair of love birds named Ferdinand and Imelda (kahit sa simpleng paraan makulong man lang namin sila). Cute no.

After much brain-racking, however, I finally decided on naming him after a word that I learned when…

happy halloween

nang dumating ako sa opisina ang una kong nakita si basti, naka-black as usual, ginagala gala ang kanyang maharot na chinky eyes. nakita niya si ella sa may copy machine, busing busy na nagpho-photo copy ng minutes ng meeting. dahan dahan itong lumapit, ang kanyang long white point finger naka-dampi sa kanyang pinkish lips, binabalaan ang mga nakapaligid na huwag maging maingay. suot suot niya sa kanyang ulo ang isang headband na may dalawang red na sungay. at just as expected, ito na nga ang ginamit niya upang sunggaban ang malaki at malapad na puwet ng pobreng PA. "Ay puke mong mabaho!" sigaw ni ella habang ang mga papeles ay tumilamsik at nagkalat sa sahig. "putang ina mo basti, leche ka ha!" sabay hampas ng isang malaking folder sa mga braso ni basti na pilit nagpapahabol. para silang mga grade 4 na naghaharutan sa playground. nobody seemed to mind anyway. it's just basti doing one of his hilarious practical jokes.

dumiretso ako sa writer's cubicle at u…

wish list

For Bam, I would like to find him a producer because I know he'll have the biggest orgasm directing movies

For Filma, I would get her a US Visa so she could finally find herself in the land of milk and honey

For MJ, I would like to find him the most perfect boyfriend because I know anything less wouldn't suffice

For Lany, I would like to find her someone who would love her just as she is

For Weng, I would give her a production company because she's a damn good producer

For Rochelle, I would get her a private plane so she could travel the world over

For Laisa, I would give her a rest house somewhere deep in the mountains where she could repair whenever she needs to

For Jed, I would like to get her reels and reels of film so she could make her odd movies over and over again

For Rik, I would give him millions of dollars so he could do whatever he wants to do regardless of whether his plans still includes me

As for myself, I'm going to get me an island! Population: three. Well, th…

Naisip ko lang

Bakit pa kailangan makaramdam ng physical pain para lang mamatay? Wala ba talagang painless as in parang lights off lang then exit stage right? Tuloy wala tayong takas. Masaklap na nga ang mabuhay, masakit pa ang mamatay. It’s the perfect prison for cowards like me.

Ps. For sheer incongruity, I am actually smiling as I am thinking of this.

nasa litrato: Mula sa Seventh Seal ni Ingmar Bergman. A medieval knight plays chess with Death who has come to take his life. Hebigat!

Oh look there's a tree!

Isang snippet mula sa aming road trip anniv special:

Michelle O Bombshell at Chariz nasa isang jeepney, nakadungaw, ina-admire kuning ang magandang tanawin.

Michelle O Bombshell: Oh look ang ganda... It’s a tree and behind it is another tree... it’s a bamboo tree... what?

Chariz: I think I shall never see...

Michelle: O I think I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree...

Chariz: Yeah…

Michelle: Where monsters dwell in it from shake, rattle and roll 4...


Picture above: Buong production team haggardness na after two days on the road

Cape Santiago

It was already nine or ten in the evening on a quiet Tuesday night. We were on a dark, lonely road in Calatagan, Batangas, looking for Cape Santiago, one of the oldest lighthouses in country. And because we have been driving from one place to another for the last 12 hours (first to San Pablo then to Pagsajan and finally to Batangas), we were understandably tired, hungry, stinking and quite annoyingly lost. Nobody from the people we asked knew where the place was. Luckily, as we drove near the beach, someone, a stranger, right off the dark street, offered to take us there. To be honest, I was a bit bothered by how easy it was for the other passengers to let him in. He led us to this dirt road surrounded with thorny bushes. I know its thorny because the thorns made an eerie sound as they scratched the surface of the van. I looked back and saw that the full orange moon was on our trail, casting a sinister vibe to the whole trip.

The stranger made us stop in what seems to be a cul de sac …

they grow old without us knowing it

As I lay on my back on my old bed in my old room, I couldn't help but notice the ceiling. it has grown considerably shabby since the last time i lived here. the white paint has begun to fade while everywhere huge patches of brown stains had materialized. the socket in which a new light bulb is attached is dark with soot and the wires snaking out of it is enveloped with cobwebs. the rest of the room, however, remained the same: the luggage and boxes are still on top of the cabinet, my brother's paintings are still on top of the bookshelf and the magazines from the 90s are still stacked on one side, withering and gathering more dust. i wondered whether we were aware when we dumped them there that they would still be in the same place after a few years. were we aware that the last time we set aside these things were the last time that we would take interest in them? now, they stay forlornly in their place slowly being forgotten. somehow this thought saddened me. it was as if they…