dream life of zombies

Do they dream of anything other than food? Do they even sleep at all? Do they always prefer their meal throbbing and stinking of fear? Do they love eating the tender parts of the body more than the crunchy bones? How about the sinewy arms and the pulsating veins? Do they like it when humans struggle out of their clutches? Does the hunt make them hungrier, the dinner even tastier? Have they even dreamt of kinilaw na eyeballs or have swooned over marinated fingers dipped in blood? How about inadobong hita or barbecued ass? I wonder if they would love sinigang na armpit or giniling na leeg? Maybe they would love a cooked meal for a change.

galing dito ang litrato: http://neuronarrative.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/zombies.jpg


ahhhhh... absurdly interesting thoughts... oo nga noh?!
cio said…
napadako ako dito kasi mahilig ako sa mga zombie movies (like 28 weeks later) and books (like yung Zombies, just forgot the author)
Zai Zai said…
tanungin natin si dolores o'riordan and the rest of the cranberries :) joke! pero oo, interesting thought. imagine ko malamang after nila manakot at manghabol at mangain ng tao, they smoke then talk and laugh about their victims.
bwisit! said…
@wandering: ano kaya no yung mga mythological creatures when they dream they dream of being normal people? hmmm... hehehehe

@cio: hmmm are you talking about the book pride and prejudice and zombies? i love 28 days later...

@zai: bwahahaha shet nakalimutan ko na ang cranberries! whatever happened to them? btw, magaganda ang pics na kuha ng iyong dearest boyfriend ha, hehehehe

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