Guitar feedback bounces off the four corners of the speeding car. I sit back and feel the noise crawl and echo inside my cavernous ears. Outside,lampposts leave a trail of light across the dark, early morning street. The road is empty and slick with rain. I feel the vehicle gain more speed and I brace myself for the inevitable collision. I want to scream but I seem to be in some sort of trance. I imagine the wind whipping at the windshield. The beats become faster and faster. We are all in confluence now. The metallic sheets of the car, the throbbing veins under my skin, and the asphalt road beneath us. The sensation is oddly enough unbelievably sexy. We head out into the flyover. The vibration fills me with pleasure. I close my eyes and wait for that orgasmic release as we swerve from the road and flyacross the rail. I open my eyes and see light and shadow dancing before me. I smile as we finally nosedive into the hard, cold concrete below.


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