what is he doing in my dream?

i was interviewing quentin tarantino. he was in an american idol-like show and i was trying to have him for a solo interview. in this dream, quentin is gay and he doesnt look like quentin --- big, protruding square jaw, wild eyes with a prematurely balding head. instead he looks pinoy. after i have cornered him, i ask him if he has seen any of filipino indie movies. "how cliche," he told me. other reporters started swarming around us. a female reporter asked about blush-ons and lipstick. quentin's eyes lit up and almost immediately he began talking with much interest. i pore through my notes and when the others had finally left, i told quentin that i asked the question earlier because i thought philippine movies, despite the fact that it has already been pronounced dead, is having some sort of a renaissance courtesy of course of the independent producers. "That's stupid," he tells me. "How can there be a renaissance? Who on earth would watch movies where the characters just sit in a corner and stare at the wall? There's basically no movements in these movies. It's stupid." Then i woke up and i couldn't move both of my arms. Seconds later I realized that I was still in a dream.


Mac! said…
You irritated Quentin? Hala! Hahahaha.

BTW, did you watch him when he was here years ago for the Cinemanila filmfest? He was rather talkative.
fuchsiaboy said…
talking about double dead things. a few good independent films doesn't mean there's a renaissance of sorts. like a handful of fashion designers showing in 'pasyon' wee(a)k doesn't mean there's an industry to speak of. say mo? ;)
dream within a dream.

nice ;)
bwisit! said…
@ mac, yeah, he was annoyed with my questions hahahaha! no, i wasn't able to go at that time since it was in market market ata. ang layo! i was too busy making a living hahaha!

@eternal wanderer it was actually a nice dream. pero the bit about indie movies having catatonic characters came from review of goodbye, dragon inn by Tsai Ming-liang. i read it before i went to sleep. the writer was trying to be clever when he wrote that tsai took out the motion in motion picture. umeksena lang si quentin hahahaha!

@ fuchsiaboy hahaha! kaya siguro na-imbey si quentin sa akin sa dream ahahaha! but seriously, siguro mini-renaissance. i was surprised at how many new filmmakers that have sprouted over the years. hindi lang mga taga-mowelfund ang mga naghahari-harian sa mga local film festival. and some are actually quite good (although most are still derivative of the current indie/ art house darling sa europe at us. pero ang nakakatawa, im sure ilan sa mga ideas ay nanggaling sa quiapo, meaning galing sa mga dvd sellers. imagine, they have an influence on the intellectual and aesthetic development of the current crop of filmmakers and media workers ahahaha!
fuchsiaboy said…
salamat kay manong DIBIDI napapanood natin yung mga indie/art films. even in fashion what's more inspiring are the styles you see of people on the streets.

i noticed palagi ka yatang binabangungot. natutulog ka siguro ng busog ;)
bwisit! said…
hahaha korek!

hay, siguro dahil sa stress na rin kaya medyo weird ang mga panaginip ko lately...
Zai Zai said…
quetin told me he dreamt about you too mario! hehe :) weird dream indeed, but in dreams, the weirder the better :)
bwisit! said…
hahaha korek! the weirder, the sexier, the better hahaha!

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