love letters

It’s 6:19am and I have a full day ahead. I had just emailed my script for today and I know that my segment producer will bite my head off once we meet later in the studio. I’ve been preoccupied with something lately. Nothing monumental but it’s distracting nonetheless. I am reading the love letters in Criticine while hoping to get picked up in Mirc. Only I don’t really want to get picked up and cheat on my boyfriend it’s just that its 6:19 in the morning and I’m kind of tired and I just need some well-deserved release.

I thought some of the letters were lovely. In Criticine, I mean. I thought the idea of sending a love letter to your favorite filmmaker is lovely. I, myself, wondered whom I would write a letter to. I thought I’d send something to Woody Allen since I just saw Annie Hall again and I fell in love with Woody and Diane and New York and Woody’s wit and Diane’s wardrobe but then I’m not exactly fully acquainted with Woody’s oeuvre. Maybe I should write one for Wong Kar Wai instead. Him, I entirely get. But I do know that such exercise is a bit self-indulgent since in reality I will not be writing the love letter for Wong Kar Wai but I will be writing it for myself.

I need a cigarette break.


Mac! said…
Wahahaha. I was thinking of writing to WKW too. Or maybe Ozon. But it will be more of a love letter to him personally, not to his work. :-)

Seriously, I would love to write letters to aAlmodovar and Amendabar.
bwisit! said…
oo nga ozon no, why not? he's cute too! i love his work. pwede rin si almodovar, i love bad education but i havent seen anything by amenabar (although ive seen the bad american remakes of his films). oh and another filmmaker i would send a love letter to is tim burton. he love his movies!
Kane said…

can you really write a love letter to an artist without knowing him personally?

I guess what I really meant was: how much of an artist can you know based on his works? (The implied here is that you have to know someone before you can love him/her.)

Is that enough to create love in the viewer?

bwisit! said…
hey kane,

hmmm... arguably, an artist's work should be reflective of who he really is. sabi nga nung isang indie filmmaker, kung papanoorin daw yung mga shorts niya parang x-ray raw yun ng buong pagkatao niya. of course, he was always a tad too dramatic hahaha.

pero siempre hindi. a single work of an artist is not enough to conclude that you will hit it off with him completely. dapat siguro isang retrospective hehehe joke.

pero the idea behind criticine's love letters is for film fans to appreciate an artist or an artist's work like a paramour or a lover. im a bit cheesy so i like the idea of writing letters to people who, in some way, has changed the way i look at life or has simply inspired me. parang making love to the mona lisa or dating an amorsolo or in carrie bradshaw's case, dating new york city hahaha.

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