Wouldn't it be nice?

Since 2010 started a little heavy for me, I thought I could use some good vibrations. What I did was I downloaded a few Beach Boys songs and so I'm now dancing to Surfin' USA.

"If everybody had an ocean/ Across the U.S.A./ Then everybody'd be surfin'/ Like californ-I-A/ You'd see 'em wearin' their baggies/ Huarachi sandals, too/ A bushy bushy blonde hairdo/ Surfin' U.S.A."

I know baggies, huarachi sandals and bushy, bushy blonde hairdo sounds like a manong hippie with toasted wrinkly skin. But listening to the song at 4 in the morning on a cold January night is actually quite fun. This despite the fact that the song immediately reminds me of a horrible summer production number complete with celebrities singing off-key while dressed in tacky Hawaiian shirts.

"Well she got her daddy's car/ And she cruised through the hamburger stand now/ Seems she forgot all about the library/ Like she told her old man now/ And with the radio blasting/ Goes cruising as fast as she can now/ And she'll have fun, fun, fun till her daddy takes the T-bird away..."

That's "Fun, Fun, Fun" by the way. The bubblegum beat goes straight into my brain and assures me of an LSS to last an entire week. My daddy had a T-bird once actually which I saw parked in his house in Katipunan. The car's unusual passenger door (baliktad kung buksan) and its huge front with Batcar-like designs fascinated me endlessly. But of course, what I'm listening to over and over again right now is "Wouldn't It Be Nice." The bouncy beat and the dreamy tone of the song fills me with longing. In fact, I'm waiting for the boyfriend to wake up so I could play it at full blast.

"Wouldn't it be nice if we could wake up/ In the morning when the day is new/ And after having spent the day together/ Hold each other close the whole night through/ Happy times togehter we've been spending/ I wish that every kiss was never ending/ Wouldn't it be nice?"

Then we could be married and be happy? That would be nice as well although I never believed in marriage much less in homo-marriage. But pure yellow sunshine and vast, clear blue skies in the morning and cool breeze and beer in the evening with nothing to think about but the good life? That would certainly be nice. No, it would be heaven.

Oh well. It's 4:26am on a Sunday and I haven't done anything yet. Time to turn off the Beach Boys and go back to work.

galing dito ang litrato: artwall.us/scenic/tropical/images/sunset.jpg


Anonymous said…
wouldn't it be nice will forever be etched in my head as that song that drew barrymore's character was singing to while painting that wall in 50 first date.

before that movie, i wasn't, in any way, familiar with that song. so horaay for 50 first dates for introducing me to the beach boys.

and lols on the horrible summer production number.
bwisit! said…
oo nga 50 first dates was cute. beach boys are perfect when you're bored and a little bit depressed. pang-pick up lang ba. and yes, taon taon na lang may beach boys prod number sa tv. actually, i can't wait for summer since i already have a concept for production number feature... beach boys music (and yes, it will also include Hawaiian shirts and fake paper mache palm trees. hahaha)

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