how i wish

i could experience pleasure without the cruel after taste
or the hangover
or guilt

pleasure without context
without consequences
prolonged, not ephemeral
ungodly, unnatural, unprecedented
ceaseless and unwavering

pleasure so good it explodes
right through the fingertips


Maxwell Flux said…
how i wish for that one too. :)
Jessica said…
You write beautifully <3
bwisit! said…

hay, yeah. kahit synthetic pleasure pwede na hehehe.

@ jessica

hey, thanks for the compliment. really, really appreciate it.
Zai Zai said…
wow, i love this mario. i wish for the same thing, lalo na ung first line.
bwisit! said…
oo nga bad trip ang buhay, parating may kapalit after the rush. masalimuot pagkatapos ng release. echos!

wish ko mag-adonis rin! hahahaha!
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
fuchsiaboy said…
there's always a catch, non?
bwisit! said…
oo nga which just ruins everything. or well makes us a little bit krung krung about the good things in life.

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