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There is this comic book, which I read in Carlo Vergara's blog about a superhero who has the ability to turn himself into any bird. Yes, any bird. Sabi nga ni Vergara sa kanyang entry, anong gagawin niya sa power na ito kung ang kalaban niya ay may mga megarobots from hell, turn into maya maya perhaps? But his superpower came in handy when a certain species of dinasaur in a far-flung planet were about to go extinct. The plan was for him to mate with one of the dinasaurs and hopefully inject his morphing abilities into their DNA strain. So off he went to this planet in search of a mate. Eventually he found one but the female dinosaur didn't want anything to do with him since she already has a partner to begin with. What this stupid superhero did was to fight off the boyfriend and then force himself into the female dinosaur. Yes, it's all about murder and rape. It was quite fun and believe me, insanely funny.

I was actually reminded of this comic book when I saw Avatar, James Cameron's megablockbuster. I've been hearing alot about the movie for the past few days. One even sent a text message to a friend saying that it was "stupendous." Stupendous in what way? I thought. Nakakagulat dahil ang ganda ganda o nakakagulat dahil ang mahal mahal tapos yun lang yun? Now that I have seen Avatar, I thought it was... pretty. Oo, pretty. From the beautiful violet pamaypay on top of the those elephant-like creatures na para lang nanggaling lang sa art department ng Priscilla Queen of the Desert to the floating jellyfishes hanggang sa mga diamonds sa blue skin ng mga Na'vi. Pati nga ang prints sa mga flying inkara ang ganda. Masayang gawing bag. In fact, I also found Sam Worthington's avatar version cuter. When he turns into himself, natu-turn off na ako. Pandora is also lovely: all those neocolors, all shimmery and Rainbow Britey. It made me think what I will experience if I were to watch the movie na bangag. I once read that when 2001: A Space Odyssey came out, the stoners would watch the movie for the trippy effects.

Avatar's plot is thin enough that everybody can project their own take on what it is really about. Some say it's anti-war, which it is. Others say it's about the environment. Well, of course. Some say it's racist, what with the Na'vis sporting dreadlocks and tribal accessories. One critic even went out to accuse Avatar as a bit racist. Why, he asks, does the white man have to lead the Na'vis into their salvation? But then it's always been like that in American movies, isn't it? After all, the movie is geared towards American audiences and in order for them to willingly take the journey one should always put one of them in the lead. Second, I think if it wasn't Jake who led the resistance, James Cameron would have probably been accused of as anti-American. Sino nga naman ang villian kung hindi ang corporate America?

For me, basically, I saw Avatar as a retelling of Pocahontas. John Smith arrives in Pandora, finds exotic creatures and gets it on with the natives. There is even a scene in the movie where I actually thought there were going to sing "Colors of the Wind" ("You think you own the land that you land on...). Avatar was so predictable that I thought the movie was three hours long. It only picks up when action ensues, something that James Cameron is quite good at. In fact, I thought the best thing about "Titanic" was when it sank. Come to think of it, I think I enjoyed "True Lies" more than Titanic and Avatar. At least in that movie, the humor was snappy and witty and fresh. Eh sa Avatar, ano ang joke? That he came from the Jarhead clan? Har. Har. Har. Near the end of the movie, as the Na'vis were fighting with humans I was already looking for the exit.

On our way home, my boyfriend and I talked about other possible titles for Avatar.

"Revenge of the Smurfs?"

"Baka pwedeng Colors of the Wind."

"Hmmm... Neocolors of the Wind."

"Rage against the machines?"

"Too manly. Pwede kayang 'I see you?'"

And so on and so forth.

But the boyfriend was completely taken with the movie. He thought it was about the proletarian insurgence against the evil empire. "Si James Cameron isang communista," sabi niya. Uh, ok. "Walang binatbat sa favorite movie of the year mo." When he said that, my eyes lit up completely. I was suddenly reminded of the scenes of my most favorite movie ever! At least yun, ang galing galing ng acting, ang ganda ang plot, masaya, exciting from beginning to end. May action, drama, suspense and the script was brilliant. Simply brilliant. Of course, I'm taking about the best movie of 2009 with the lead actress surely winning the Urian, Famas, Golden Screen at Young Critics Circle for Best Actress. It's no other than Kimmy Dora!


fuchsiaboy said…
true lies i enjoyed. titanic i couldn't finish. i hate it! itong avatr na ito, trailer pa lang nasusuka na ako. i'm with you sa kimmy dora. at leats dun may fashion pa. ivarluski aseron and joey samson, isdatchu? ;)
bwisit! said…
korek! pero watch mo na rin ang avatar. the art direction is beautiful. si rik sobrang into the movie pero ako kimmy dora pa rin ako! hahaha!
Ice said…
Haha! I really dig those tie-dyed birds too! Is "I see you" the new I love you? LOL. At tumpak, "Rage Against the Machines" nga!!! I really enjoyed reading through this. Why don't you get your own show already???
fuchsiaboy said…
natawa ako nung sinabi mo na peds gave it so much meaning. lol! so very him. uy merry christmas pala sa inyo! hope you had an 'interesting' one. ;)

i'm so not into avatar. probably if lumabas sa hbo. yung last airbender na avatar na lang panoorin ko.

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