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Just shoot me

The boyfriend took the photo above. My brother’s SLR has been sitting in our room for months and I thought I should return it already. And since it still had a few shots left in it, my boyfriend and I took turns in photographing ourselves. Most of my photos were blah but his were very promising. Didn’t know he had an eye for photography. In fact, I was so in love with his photos that I think I should put him through photography school chos. I told him that if I were to die tonight or tomorrow or anytime in the next century he should use the photo for the funeral because, well, I was essentially thinking of heaven when it was taken --- A warm afternoon in downtown Morocco with hashish escaping from my dry, bitter mouth.

pretty in blue

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There is this comic book, which I read in Carlo Vergara's blog about a superhero who has the ability to turn himself into any bird. Yes, any bird. Sabi nga ni Vergara sa kanyang entry, anong gagawin niya sa power na ito kung ang kalaban niya ay may mga megarobots from hell, turn into maya maya perhaps? But his superpower came in handy when a certain species of dinasaur in a far-flung planet were about to go extinct. The plan was for him to mate with one of the dinasaurs and hopefully inject his morphing abilities into their DNA strain. So off he went to this planet in search of a mate. Eventually he found one but the female dinosaur didn't want anything to do with him since she already has a partner to begin with. What this stupid superhero did was to fight off the boyfriend and then force himself into the female dinosaur. Yes, it's all about murder and rape. It was quite fun and believe me, …

for you i was a flame

With her hair wet from the shower, she steps into her kitchen and sits before the dinning table. It's already five in the afternoon and the room is covered in shadows. She collects her hair and ties them in a bun. She could still feel the summer heat coming in and wondered if the night would be as hot as yesterday. She takes out a stick from her pack and puts it on her lips. She reaches for her lighter and flicks it. A small flame illuminates her face as she bends down to light her cigarette. She could hear the tight little leaves burn as she took her first sip. From the living room she now hears the record she has put on earlier. The drum sticks fall briskly and suddenly a beat arises. The guitar was barely introduced when the singer, her life evident in her coarse, lovelorn voice, began singing.

"For you I was a flame... love is a losing game..."

She stares into the deepening darkness and immediately gets lost in her own groove.

The music continues, traveling across the…