the world is our playground and we will always be home

8:22am. just came from my mother's house. haven't gotten any sleep because falling asleep is one of the things that i find difficult to do ever since i was a kid. the other one is peeing. i lay on the bed listening to up dharma. it's the same song that i keep playing over and over again back when we were still in the old apartment. the same song that i listened to when i first fell in love with the boyfriend. i look up and there he is looming above me, framed by the white ceiling. i tell myself that if he stoops down to kiss me i'm going to get a book and start reading. but he doesnt kiss me so i didn't move. he went to the kitchen and started cleaning up. i tell myself that if he asks me if i want coffee then i'll turn over and shift position. he doesnt say anything or perhaps the music is just too loud. i keep on dreaming. the song ends and i press play again. i look beyond the door and watch the blue sky with the white clouds. it's a beautiful day despite the fact that pagasa has announced that there is a storm coming. the boyfriend enters the room and i tell myself that if he snuggles beside me then ill start typing what is on my mind. he does lay on the bed and so i start typing this. he runs his hands on my back and gives me a massage. i tell myself that if he touches the back of my neck then i'll stop writing and try to sleep. he rubs my shoulders. i wait in anticipation. and i wait. and i wait. until he finally does and i start shutting down.


Zai Zai said…
hi mario! i too play the world is our playground and we will always be home again and again, but has now moved on to sana, from the new album.

and i too, play the game of "i'll do this if he.." :)
bwisit! said…
i love i love up dharma. oo nga maganda rin yung new album nila. trip ko yung "taya".

hmmm... are we giving our boyfriends too much control of our lives? hehehe! but it's a fun game when especially when there's only the two of you and there's nothing to do... btw, i must say that you make such a cute couple!
Zai Zai said…
hehe me too, love love up dharma. they are the best. i love taya too, has a nice video :)

oo nga, aside from jerjer, the let the bf control my actions game is fun. i fear nagiging dependent nga lang ako masyado :)
bwisit! said…
hahaha hay, ang sweet ninyo talaga pramis! pagnagka-show ako ng tulad ng Out gagawin ko kayong case study ha! hehehehe!

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