Because we like boys in cars, boys who buy us drinks in bars

There’s this impossibly cute guy --- ok, several impossibly cute guys --- in my Downelink list of friends that make me wish I’m still single. Not that they would date me but at least I’m a couple of hundred steps closer to reality if I were unattached. What is it about guys that make me wish things: wish that I was taller, smarter, cuter…

The other day while on a tricycle on my way to my mother’s house, I was thinking about sex. I was wondering why I am so obsessed with it. If I’m not doing it then I’m thinking about it (arguably, I think of it more often than I’m having it). But why does sex still seems new to me? Is this a symptom of addiction or is it because I’m doing it with several men? Is it all about conquest or is it all about jacking off? Or is it because, as Claudine (or was it Ate Vi? Have to ask MJ) once said in a movie, the men may have taken my body but no one has bothered to conquer my soul --- heart, siguro yung mas bagay na word. Ang bakla naman ng last statement na yun.

I was depressed the other day. I read something on my boyfriend’s phone that made me upset. No, it wasn’t about boys or anything. It was around the same time that a friend was bugging me about a party we were supposed to go to. Since I thought that I should be, at least, in a party mood or perhaps just a tad less antisocial, I went online to search for some inspiration. That’s when I found the trailer for Beerhouse, Jon Red’s new movie. The trailer was amusing but my eyes were quickly drawn to Ryan Eigenmann. Instantly, I was chirpy again. What can I say, men have always had a visceral effect on me.

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Zai Zai said…
ka cute naman ni ryan dyan. drools..
Love Ryan. Always have, always will.
bwisit! said…
i've always had the hots for ryan. id watch a crappy movie just for him (well, basta wag lang masyado crappy).

by the way, sir jerome i'm big big fan!

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