batman was in my building

i was coming down the building when i saw a kid wearing a batman costume climbing up our fire exit. pero hindi, hindi naman siya na-late sa trick or treating. in fact, the curious thing about it is that he seems to have been wearing the costume since sunday (it's thursday already). i thought it was odd. and cute. imagine, araw araw siyang naka-batman costume. lupet di ba? naisip ko tuloy kung magkaka-anak ako siguro magiging kunsintidor din ako sa mga hilig ng anak ko no matter how odd it is. "You want to go to school wearing a nun's outfit? kahit lalaki ka? sure! go ahead!" "what? you like burning down houses because huge flames make you feel warm and fuzzy? no problem, here's a lighter." that or i'll be forever reminding him what a big loser his father is. loser --- no, i mean, father. man, that's a scary word. that's like next to STD and dementia in my list of things to be scared about. (but why on earth will you be scared of being a father, mario? when there's no chance in hell that your chromosomes will be transferred to a female specie even if she looks like brad pitt. ang sagot ko: bakit ba? get your own phantom fears to worry about.)

teka, teka mario, back track a little. di ba you hate children? di ba you even hate being in a relationship (even if you are in one)? i think this is a sign that not only did i woke up in the wrong side of the bed this morning, i actually woke up in another dimension. ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your straight jackets and take out your tranquilizers, we are now approaching cuckoo land. i don't know, it's probably because i woke up at around 4am and since then i've been a psycho mess (psycho na, mess pa ka.ka.lowka). this is a clear sign that i can no longer hold down a nine to five job because by lunchtime i'll be frothing in the mouth and calling for medea (whoever she is). i just thought of it now, maybe batman junior was just an hallucination. maybe he was just a remnant of a dream i had last night. pwede but then i don't remember dreaming about batman. i did however dreamed about congratulating someone on her Urian nomination. kaloka. this is getting creepy. i hope i survive this day.

nov. 5, 2009

ps, galing dito ang larawan:


Manech said…
Though being responsible for someone else is scary, I honestly want to be a father. I don't know why, I don't know HOW, but I really, really want to.

The dream about the Urian is whacked. :D
bwisit! said…
i guess being a father has its moments. but bawling kids always tick me off hahaha!
fuchsiaboy said…
your blog serves the best bowl of lunacy and genius. i'm hooked!
bwisit! said…
hi fuchsiaboy! salamat! salamat! but then i am actually crazy in the most uncool way hehehe!
fuchsiaboy said…
who cares about cool people? i find people who think they are cool really un-cool.

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