Someone sent me a link that showed eerie photos of Sidney covered in red dust. The streets looked absolutely apocalyptic and it reminded me of those Martian cities in sci-fi movies. It also reminded me of a scene in The English Patient where Almasy was telling Katharine about the history of winds. The two weren't lovers then and would only start the affair after the desert scene.


The sand is piling up against the two cars, the tent is swept from its moorings, the water cans are hurled up, too, and then plunge ominously into sand drifts as if going under an ocean.


... let me tell you about winds. There is a whirlwind from Southern Morocco, the Aajej, against which the fellahin defend themselves with knives. And there is the Ghibli from Tunis which rolls and rolls and rolls and produces a rather strange nervous condition...

And we hear Katharine's laugh


Almasy sits alongside Katharine, whose head is against his shoulder. He continuous his story of winds.


... and then there is the Harmatton, a red wind which mariners call the sea of darkness. Red sand from this wind has flown as far as the south coast of England apparently producing showers so dense the were mistaken for blood...


Fiction. We have a house on that coast, and it has never, never rained blood.


No, it's all true.

(teasing her)

Herodotus, your friend ---


My friend!


--- he writes about it and he writes about a wind, the Simoon, which a nation thought was so evil they declared war on it and marched out against it in full battle dress.

He's touching Katharine's hair, he can't help it. She is paralyzed by his touch, then puts out her hand and traces across the window, now entirely silted up with sand.

nagmula dito ang mga litrato: and


fuchsiaboy said…
apocalyptic, indeed.

revelations from the Bible makes more sense now and in one of the other books we are warned of impending doom and chaos, like half of the moon will dim out and such.

time to hoard more designer clothes. ;)
hhmmm... mukhang eerie nga.
bwisit! said…
it's the end of the world as we know it! magbasa na tayo ng ray bradbury and jg ballard para makapagprepare hehehehe...

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