waiting for pepeng

Saturday morning. A friend was asking me out. Since I was enjoying my sleep, I kept ignoring her text messages. When I woke up, she was no longer asking me out for coffee. She was now asking me for help. She said her family was trapped in a flood. Since I've been to her place countless of times, I couldn't quite imagine how this is possible. She said the creek behind their house overflowed and the water has already reached their ceiling. I thought she was exaggerating but still my boyfriend and I tried calling every possible hotline: GMA, Sagip-Kapamilya, NDCC, and Lifeline, etc. We got through NDCC but apparently they were already swamped with calls. I was later informed that no one arrived that afternoon but fortunately my friend's family was able to swim out of the house. That night, I received a text message from her. We lost everything, she said. She's asking us if we have some clothes and blankets to spare.

Meanwhile, in another part of the metropolis, a gay friend was telling me how the basement of their condo building has been filled with water. People were panicking as to how they would haul out their vehicles that were slowly being submerged in water. "Ngayon ko lang na-realize," sabi niya sa text. "Ang dami palang macho sa building namin."

Monday. Another friend tells me about her Ondoy story. She was trapped in her ex-boyfriend's house. When the typhoon came, she and her ex were having lunch. When water reached their doorway, they just stupidly ignored it. They kept telling themselves that the water could not possibly get any higher. When the water was already waist-high, they thought it was the worse. By mid-afternoon, they had retreated to the second floor, leaving the ref and the couch floating beneath them. Later on, her ex would tell her that his greatest fear was that the house would collapse under them.

"Didn't he have any grand mala-Titanic pronouncements?" I asked her.

"I think he was too worried to even be romantic. O baka naman wala lang talaga."

She said that though what she and her boyfriend experienced was traumatic, she was already too numb to feel anything. She was, and I quote, already drowning even before the crazy typhoon came. End quote.

Friday while waiting for Pepeng.

"Is it the end of the world as we know it?" I asked a friend.

"Dapat ba hinalikan ko na yung lalaking gusto kong halikan nuon pa," he said.

"Too late for that right now. Baka busy sa baha yun."

"Sabi mo kasi wag ko na siyang pansinin noh?"

"If I knew it was already the end of the world e di nag iba ang advice ko."

"Ang question siempre eh hindi kung ikaw ba ay naging mabait kung hindi kung ikaw ba ay happy sa iyong mga pagkakasala. Are you happy with your sins?"

"I don't think I've sinned enough. You?"

"But it's not the end of the world."

"Of course."

"But starting over is such a bitch."


fuchsiaboy said…
i love the 'already drowning even before the typhoon came' bit.;)
IshnaVera said…
ang wierd dahil we waited for pepeng malaki with great trepidation, pero nung lumihis ng daan, i felt a certain sense of let down... ikaw? bad no?

btw, great to finally meet u face to face, at ka work mu pala friend ko hehehe... at least ginamit ko ung opening line na sinabi ko sa iyo :)
bwisit! said…
hi fuchsiaboy, hay naku, they have this weird relationship. they are not together but they still hang out like they used to kaya ayun pareho rin sila na-stuck sa baha.

hey ishnavera, oo nga kung baga parang over-hyped no pero hindi ko alam kung dahil masyado kong na-imbibe yung mga trahedya ng mga kaibigan ko dahil kahit kagabi i had this weird feeling about the weather. feeling ko bigla na lang kukulog at kikidlat tapos mawawalan ng kuryente. mga doomsday scenario ba hahaha.

oo nga finally na-meet na rin kita! kahiya lang dahil sa mga ngarag moments ko pa kita nakilala hahaha! as in wala ako sa tuliro nung gabing yun. in fairness, magaling si gladys na headwriter ha. kaya ayun mega-consulta parati ako sa kanya hahahaha!
IshnaVera said…
keribels lang yun :) nakita naman na kita in other modes like nagyoyosi sa gazebo habang nakatunghay sa kawalan waherhehr...

lurv that gurl gladys... gifted ni lord, twice wahhaha
Anonymous said…
stop smoking na
Anonymous said…
love this!!!!-- Jowell
bwisit! said…
hey thanks jowell, by the way, ikaw yung jowell na kakilala ko? just curios

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