Lola Chanel

I was having a rotten week. Problems at work, problems with the boyfriend, problems with myself. So what's a faggot to do? Simple lang. I downloaded the movie soundtrack of Coco Before Chanel, locked myself in my room and listened to Alexandre Desplat's “Chez Chanel” while looking at the bedsheets, the drapes, the clothes in the laundry hamper and imagined that when I open that door to our balcony I would see in the horizon the lovely Eiffel Tower.


fuchsiaboy said…
i wear a fabulous designer outfit when i feel shitty. nothing that a margiela or comme des garcons can't solve. ;)
Ate Sienna said…
awwwwwww..... parang naglungkot-lungkutan naman ang lola mo sa sinabi mo. kakainis...
bwisit! said…
hey fuchsiaboy,

... or just wear a don protasio dress! hehehehe!

hi ate sienna,

kasi naman noh, magki-christmas na naman! i can't believe we only have three months left till 2010.

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