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oh marat

i'm in love!

Say Chiz!

He's not as cute as Gibo and he talks like an android. His general expression is that of someone who has been constantly snacking on dramamin and yet as I watched Chiz Escudero on Probe Profiles a few days ago I instantly realized why Weng has a huge crush on him. The guy has sex appeal, no? He looks as if he really has the balls to lead this country out of the rut it has forever been in (which couldn't be said of Noynoy, apparently all the testosterone in his family went to Kris). But will he be a good leader?

Cue Bayang Barrios

tickle me elmo

maingay ang paligid. makulay. maraming batang nagsisiparoon at parito habang ang kanilang mga magulang ay bunubuntot buntot sa kanila na parang mga yaya. hindi ito iniinda ni clarissa. nautusan kasi siya ng kanyang supervisor na maghanap ng costume pang dracula sa kanilang stock room. pagkatapos ng ilang balik, hindi rin pala si dracula ang hinahanap ng bumibili. si frankenstein daw.

Alas-diyes pa ng umaga nanduon na si clarissa at ngayon ay ala-siete na ng gabi. ang lamig ng aircon ay halos tumagos na sa kanyang kasukasuan. masakit na rin ang kanyang paa't binti sa kakatayo at kakatakbo. paos na ang kanyang boses. pero hindi niya ito iniintindi dahil alam niyang kasama ito sa kanyang trabaho.

pabalik na siya sa stockroom nang mapadaan siya sa mga stuffed toys. hindi niya hilig ang mga ito. kahit nuong bata'y tingin na niya sa mga ito ay kasayangan lang ng pera. pero siguro dahil sa pagod, puyat at problema (nasalanta sila ng bagyo kamakailan lang) naisip niyang huminto at pa…

la divina

dreaming of maria callas, whoever she is.

though i am not a princess

when you finally left me
i realized that i am
not a princess

my hair doesn't cascade
down the tower like

i don't have lips
that taste like apple and
i don't have dainty feet
the slip

perfectly on
glass slippers
had i known that you
never liked gowns

or mirrors
that talk into the wee hours
of the night i would
have aspired to be
something else

i wouldn't mind being
one of Cinderella's
bitchy stepsisters
or have black moods that
befits a wicked witch

had i known you were
looking for something
else i would have not bothered.
because though i am not
a princess i could never
be your prince charming.

mula rito ang litrato:


Someone sent me a link that showed eerie photos of Sidney covered in red dust. The streets looked absolutely apocalyptic and it reminded me of those Martian cities in sci-fi movies. It also reminded me of a scene in The English Patient where Almasy was telling Katharine about the history of winds. The two weren't lovers then and would only start the affair after the desert scene.


The sand is piling up against the two cars, the tent is swept from its moorings, the water cans are hurled up, too, and then plunge ominously into sand drifts as if going under an ocean.


... let me tell you about winds. There is a whirlwind from Southern Morocco, the Aajej, against which the fellahin defend themselves with knives. And there is the Ghibli from Tunis which rolls and rolls and rolls and produces a rather strange nervous condition...

And we hear Katharine's laugh


Almasy sits alongside Katharine, whose head is against his shoulder. He continuou…

Lola Chanel

I was having a rotten week. Problems at work, problems with the boyfriend, problems with myself. So what's a faggot to do? Simple lang. I downloaded the movie soundtrack of Coco Before Chanel, locked myself in my room and listened to Alexandre Desplat's “Chez Chanel” while looking at the bedsheets, the drapes, the clothes in the laundry hamper and imagined that when I open that door to our balcony I would see in the horizon the lovely Eiffel Tower.

waiting for pepeng

Saturday morning. A friend was asking me out. Since I was enjoying my sleep, I kept ignoring her text messages. When I woke up, she was no longer asking me out for coffee. She was now asking me for help. She said her family was trapped in a flood. Since I've been to her place countless of times, I couldn't quite imagine how this is possible. She said the creek behind their house overflowed and the water has already reached their ceiling. I thought she was exaggerating but still my boyfriend and I tried calling every possible hotline: GMA, Sagip-Kapamilya, NDCC, and Lifeline, etc. We got through NDCC but apparently they were already swamped with calls. I was later informed that no one arrived that afternoon but fortunately my friend's family was able to swim out of the house. That night, I received a text message from her. We lost everything, she said. She's asking us if we have some clothes and blankets to spare.

Meanwhile, in another part of the metropolis, a gay frie…