the most perfect breakfast

Of course, I realized that it's not just scrambled eggs and fried rice. Even before one arrives at the table one should have had a restful sleep the night before, the kind where one wakes up with an invigorated body and a crystal clear head. However, for this to happen, the previous day should have been smooth and hassle-free. Any problems should have been resolved before the day ended and before one went to sleep. Some would probably prefer a good fuck in order to achieve the kind of deep slumber that one rarely experience these days. This, of course, entails a bit of work especially for those who are naturally unlucky when it comes to sex and love. In order to achieve the perfect breakfast where one shares the perfect meal while seated beside the perfect lover, one should have had --- years before leading to this perfect breakfast --- the ability to acquire perfectly healthy relationships. If, by any chance, one doesn't exactly desire to have someone to have breakfast with, there is still the matter of cooking the food. Lucky are those who have been brought up with a perky attitude towards cooking. If not, the thought of managing the kitchen at such an early hour would definitely be not an option. Of course, there is always the idea of the parents preparing the breakfast but then that is if they don't normally serve food with a nasty sermon. Another option would probably be having a household help, particularly someone who manages the kitchen like a chef and can whipped up creamy scrambled eggs and deliciously crunchy fried rice. But then one should also have a good job and a hefty salary to afford having a trained cook in the house. I guess my point is it would take painstaking work or an incredible amount of luck in order to have anything that's remotely perfect, even if it seems as trivial as having the most perfect breakfast. For most parts, we --- or should I say, I --- should be happy with just a cup of black coffee and a pack of cigarettes while dreaming of a peaceful lunch, or perhaps, if I'm being hopeful and romantic, a lovely dinner.

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