I want

* An immaculately white apartment with huge windows and high ceilings
* A bookshelf filled with my favorite books and some expensive art and photography books (pretensyoso to the max!)
* A plane ticket to Vietnam and Japan
* A kindle because Oprah says it’s the best thing in the world
* A turntable and a few Ella Fitzgerald records for those Sunday senti moments
* A nice kitchen with an actual table and a stove for my boyfriend to cook in
* Comfortable upholstered chairs to sit in
* An infinite supply of brewed coffee for the lazy weekday mornings
* A bathtub where I could read and stay in for hours
* Ample of time to do the things that I love most doing in this sordid world of ours (but then contentment and free time have always had an adverse effect on me)

mula rito ang litrato: http://goodbookslately.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/8-24-08-kindle-books2.jpg


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