One tough Cookie

We recently had Cookie Chua on the show. We sort of had a women in rock episode and though at first I wasn't exactly confident with the concept (I don't think our rather prim and proper core audience would appreciate rock at all) I was glad that I went along with it. Of our three guests (Cookie, Lougee and Julia), it was Cookie who arrived in the studio first. I saw her at the hall sitting on a bench outside the studio smoking. She was wearing black as usual with her hair flowing carelessly on her shoulders. Between her fingers was a stick of, well, I think it was Marlboro red. I went up to her, introduced myself and proceeded to brief her on what will happen on the show. When I told her that there will be a segment where she had to model some clothes, she instantly balked at the idea. It was not that she was being a diva. She just seemed genuinely bothered that she had to walk and do some poses. She was actually terrified. "Hindi ako marunong maglakad," was what I think I remember her saying. I told her that the floor director will teach her how. She then told me that one of her teeth came out when she was eating santol a few days ago and that she might have difficulty smiling. I told her then that maybe she can just do a Mona Lisa smile perhaps?

The truth is, I was genuinely starstrucked. Anybody who grew up in the 90s surely know how influential her band was. "Paglisan," despite the fact that it was overplayed all through out the earlier decade, would forever be considered as a Pinoy rock classic. When I came home that night, I immediately searched my files for a journal entry I had a few years ago. It was the last time I saw her perform in a bistro and despite the fact that I was drunk then, I could still remember her on stage, singing oh-so-seductively, Janis Joplin way. At that time I was still working for another show and was, as usual, having a terrifylingly bad week:

December 3, 2006

At around midnight, our editor received a call from his raket, prompting him to leave Weng and I in the air. Although he promised to be back as quickly as possible, I was already thinking of my bad luck. Nasukob na naman yata ako! We were helpless and though we were exchanging jokes with the editor we secretly hated him for being unprofessional. But since we are undeniably fabulous we just whiled our time away by putting makeup on our faces. That kept us amused for about 30 minutes until Weng suggested that we head to McDonald’s for a snack. Since I am on a diet, I suggested that we go to 70s Bistro instead. For some strange reason, I really, really (as in really talaga) wanted to see Up Dharma Down play. A short taxi ride later, we were entering one of my old hangouts but Up Dharma Down was nowhere in sight (they were probably in the Rock Awards that night). On stage was The Jerks singing with a very drunk Cookie Chua.

From where we were seated, all I could see was Cookie’s svelte silhouette. Soft red light poured from the ceiling, creating a dream-like atmosphere. Cookie was leaning on her microphone, her head tilted a little to the left, her hair falling over her shoulders and her hips moving oh-so-sexily Janis Joplin way. She was evidently drunk and she was mumbling through the song. Nobody minded anyway since her soft, slurring words came out more like a seductive plea. Behind her were five men hunched over their guitars, fingers coming up and down its long neck, oblivious of the woman in front of them. Everybody on stage was lost in their own world, grooving to something that the audience cannot possibly hear. The five men with their busy fingers, Cookie with her little, sexy dance. I thought the image was simply dripping with erotism. It was brilliant. A picture worthy of a rock and roll movie...


this made me love cookie chua more... nice post! hahaha

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