back when i was still living in bataan

Back when I was still in high school in Bataan, a teacher assigned to us a project. She asked us to stuff any animal using formalin. I went with a pair of birds. Since I'm too squeamish to actually kill anything (with the exception of bugs and insects, which I love to set on fire), I asked a friend to do the task for me. My brother, on the other hand, decided he'd do a cat. Stupid, I know. He gathered up his macho friends and searched the neighborhood for stray cats to murder. They went around the abandoned dorms and staff houses with nothing on them but a few rice sacks. It was only after a few attempts that they realized that cats are actually quite difficult to apprehend. Cats, after all, are very agile. But that didn't stopped my brother and his friends from accomplishing the task they have set out to do. I'm not so sure now how they were able to bag a cat but eventually they did. The cat scratched and gnawed from inside the bag and refused to shut up, letting out a bloodcurdling sound that became irritating after almost half an hour.

"So what do we do now?" a friend asked my brother.

"Kill it," he said.

But how?

The boys looked at each other and waited for someone cruel enough to pound the shit out of the cat. No one budged until finally one of boys (the one with something to prove) retrieved a dos por dos and readied himself to beat the life out of the animal. He was about to strike a blow when someone piped in. "Isn't it bad luck to kill a cat?" one of the boys said. That did, fortunately. Threathened with cosmic karma, the boys finally set the feline free. My brother ended up showing up in class with something totally stupid. I think he brought something that was pasted on a white card board, an insect or a worm or something along the lines of it.


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