Are you out of your Vulcan mind?!!!

There are some things to do (scripts, an article and a few other errands) but it's a slow Thursday so I'm in a cafe trying to enjoy the warm coffee and some music in my notebook. I'm listening to Metro Station while thinking of that cute guy I saw on the bus earlier today. It was such a nice coincedence. I was listening to Lady Gaga's Summer Boy when I saw him hail my bus, his nice black, slightly unruly hair bouncing off his shoulder. Wouldn't it be great if he became my Summer Boy? ("Ku-ku-crazy, get your ass in my bed," sabi nga naman ng Gaga.). I'm also thinking of Spock. I saw Star Trek on DVD yesterday and I thought it was pretty good (or was it because I found the crew of Enterprise unbelievably sexy). Despite James Tiberius Kirk's impossibly beautiful blue eyes, my gaze was fixed on the brooding Spock. Is it the tight uniform, the bangs, the shaved eyebrows or the pointy ears that make him so desirable? Basta all I know is I want to have a Vulcan lover. Incidentally, last night I dreamed that I had a different boyfriend. In my dream, I was wondering how I ended up with the guy. Was I too insecure to settle for someone I am not even remotely interested in? Buti na lang when I woke up I still have my old boyfriend sleeping soundly beside me. Hindi naman obvious na bakla ako, ano? Anyway, I still have a few more hours before sundown so I think I'm going to sit back, relax for a bit, enjoy the sunshine and listen to Metro Station who suggests that I just "shake, shake, shake, shake, a-shake it!"


enjoy mo lang. you deserve it!

and nothing beats a macademia, di ba?

bwisit! said…
hahaha korek! alam mo i think ikaw nga yung nakita ko sa gloria jeans a few weeks ago. were you the one with the goetee? yung naka-red na nakaupo sa dulo ng cafe? parang ikaw yun eh hehehehe

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