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Are you out of your Vulcan mind?!!!

There are some things to do (scripts, an article and a few other errands) but it's a slow Thursday so I'm in a cafe trying to enjoy the warm coffee and some music in my notebook. I'm listening to Metro Station while thinking of that cute guy I saw on the bus earlier today. It was such a nice coincedence. I was listening to Lady Gaga's Summer Boy when I saw him hail my bus, his nice black, slightly unruly hair bouncing off his shoulder. Wouldn't it be great if he became my Summer Boy? ("Ku-ku-crazy, get your ass in my bed," sabi nga naman ng Gaga.). I'm also thinking of Spock. I saw Star Trek on DVD yesterday and I thought it was pretty good (or was it because I found the crew of Enterprise unbelievably sexy). Despite James Tiberius Kirk's impossibly beautiful blue eyes, my gaze was fixed on the brooding Spock. Is it the tight uniform, the bangs, the shaved eyebrows or the pointy ears that make him so desirable? Basta all I know is I want to have a…

Rub-a-dub-dub... 8 bitches in a tub

Title: Francois Ozon's 8 Women
Plot: A rich old guy is dead, leaving all the women in his life bickering.
Scene: Louise, the maid, accuses the dead man's sister, Pierrette, of killing his brother.


Louise: Everyone knows you sleep around...

Pierrette: You should know since we sleep with the same ones.

Louise: Let me explain the bribe. I overheard you say to Monsieur: "Give me the money or you'll die."

Pierrette: No, I said: "Give me the money or I'll die."

Louise: No "You'll die."

Pierrette: My poor Louise. Your words are no good. You're just a maid.

Louise: Nor is yours. You're just a whore.

Pierrette: Which I prefer.

Pinoy remake anyone?

what's up, doc?

My boyfriend and I were having lunch when a rabbit hopped into our tiny apartment. His inquisitive eyes scanned the room from one end to another while his little, pinkish ears pointed upwards. "What's up doc?" my boyfriend asked him. He just ignored us and proceeded to hop further into the room. I guess he wasn't a Looney Tunes fan. Silly wabbit. He was so cute though that I wanted to keep him. Just a few months ago someone told me about her pet bunny. At that time, I couldn't imagine rabbits as pets. From what I remember, they have nasty teeth and that they could really bite. When we were kids, my brother and I had a hamster named Speedy. I was playing with him one time when he bit my finger, taking out a small piece of my skin and drawing blood. Since then I've learned that not all cute things are necessarily harmless. In fact in the gay galaxy, the cuter the guy, the more dangerous he probably is. Speedy didn't stay with us for long though. We woke up …

back when i was still living in bataan

Back when I was still in high school in Bataan, a teacher assigned to us a project. She asked us to stuff any animal using formalin. I went with a pair of birds. Since I'm too squeamish to actually kill anything (with the exception of bugs and insects, which I love to set on fire), I asked a friend to do the task for me. My brother, on the other hand, decided he'd do a cat. Stupid, I know. He gathered up his macho friends and searched the neighborhood for stray cats to murder. They went around the abandoned dorms and staff houses with nothing on them but a few rice sacks. It was only after a few attempts that they realized that cats are actually quite difficult to apprehend. Cats, after all, are very agile. But that didn't stopped my brother and his friends from accomplishing the task they have set out to do. I'm not so sure now how they were able to bag a cat but eventually they did. The cat scratched and gnawed from inside the bag and refused to shut up, letting out …

One tough Cookie

We recently had Cookie Chua on the show. We sort of had a women in rock episode and though at first I wasn't exactly confident with the concept (I don't think our rather prim and proper core audience would appreciate rock at all) I was glad that I went along with it. Of our three guests (Cookie, Lougee and Julia), it was Cookie who arrived in the studio first. I saw her at the hall sitting on a bench outside the studio smoking. She was wearing black as usual with her hair flowing carelessly on her shoulders. Between her fingers was a stick of, well, I think it was Marlboro red. I went up to her, introduced myself and proceeded to brief her on what will happen on the show. When I told her that there will be a segment where she had to model some clothes, she instantly balked at the idea. It was not that she was being a diva. She just seemed genuinely bothered that she had to walk and do some poses. She was actually terrified. "Hindi ako marunong maglakad," was what I t…

are we worth dying for?

Ninoy said that the Filipinos are worth dying for. Cory, up to her last moments here on Earth, showed that Filipinos are worth living for. Her term may not be as perfect as we had hoped to be but it’s quite obvious now that we would look at those times not with regret but with a bit of pride.

I have to be honest though. When I first heard that the former President had died, I wasn’t affected a bit. In my mind, I immediately started singing "Tie A Yellow Ribbon on (that damn) Old Oak Tree." The thing is I’m not politically savvy or smart enough to understand the real essence of her passing. I always view history through the prism of silliness, something that I could understand very well. During the Senate hearing on the Velarde case, for example, I watched only in anticipation of comedy with Senator Mirriam, of course, in the lead. When President Arroyo finally announced that she was going to run for presidency in Baguio a few years ago, I likened her to a hobbit, a hobbit wh…