Random observations

The elevator door closes behind me. The screen starts counting backwards... 15... 14... 13... At the 11th floor, a burly man enters. He is wearing a green polo shirt worn usually by salesmen. I search for the logo on his breast pocket.

"Idiot," he mutters to himself. (Idiyet!) At least that's what I heard he said.

The elevator continues to go down and on the 8th floor a doctor and her assistant climb in.

"Dinalan kita ng lunch, doctora," the assistant tells her boss.

"Saang floor ba tayo?" she asks her.


The two seem to be in a good mood. They chatter loudly as we continue our trip. I try to look at the papers that the duktora is holding. I'm not sure why but I had the compulsion to figure out what those papers were. On the sixth floor, three people came in. One was wearing an armcast.

"Hoy, anong nangyari sayo?" said the duktora.

"Basketball po!" said the man.

"MVP!" the duktora chided him.

"Si Randolph kasi eh," he responded, pointing at the green polo shirt-wearing burly man.

"Ah sa atin din ba siya?" the duktora said, looking at the man. "Ngayon ko lang siya nakita."

"Magaling kasi eh," said the burly man to the duktora in reference to the basketball playing clutz.

Finally, we reach the fourth floor and the duktora, along with her chirpy assistant and the cast-wearing man went out of the elevator. The door closes. With his head on the steel, glistening wall, the green polo-shirt wearing man muttered: "MVP." He is again lost in his own thoughts.

We finally reach the ground floor and I start walking out of the building. From afar, I could see three boys with their arms locked together. The two boys were pulling the third one into the building.

"Papasok na ako," said the boy, struggling to break away from his friends. "Late na ako."

"Late na rin ako," said the other one. "Tara na, maraming chicks dito."

They pass by me, yelling and armwrestling one another, excited to find some beautiful chicks. Unknown to them, an old woman is happily watching them. She is in a corner with her paninda in front of her. She has a fond smile as she watches the three boys who seem to be completely contented in their own little world. With the way she was watching them one would assume that the three boys reminded her of her apos. It's apparent, however, that she's leading a harsh life and she gets the greatest pleasure watching other people have fun.

I finally reach the road and wait for a cab. I think of the burly man, the three boys and the grandmother and I wonder if there is also someone watching me, thinking why that grown man with two bags is idiotly smiling to himself.


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