old couple playing odd music

"One can't forever stand on the shore. At some point, filled with indecision, skepticism, reservation,and doubt, you either jump in or concede that life is forever elsewhere." - arthur miller

i was in a house much like the houses that my relatives have in Balanga, Bataan. I was in a room with an elderly couple. They were playing some weird music using these metal instruments. They were both dressed in elaborate Filipiniana. They were like that old couple in David Finch's Mulholland Drive. Creepy old couple playing odd music.

I was back in PRPC. I was walking somewhere in phase two. the sky was downcast. it's more black than gray. it seems that any moment the world is going to end. at the far side, there is a fortress, which reminds me of communist architecture. inscribed upon its walls are the words "ang bakla ay bakla." a woman follows in my steps. she is dishevelled. she's wearing a muddy flimsy brown camiseta. she comes up to me and talks about my child. i walk without even turning to the weird lady.


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