in furness!

"Manila street life by day and night, fabulously shot by Albert Banzon in black and white that variously evokes early new wave lensing and film noir chiaroscuro. The opening sequence of the story, introducing key characters in single shots, and laying on the nocturnal mood, is the best thing in the whole film..."

here's another one.

"The credits, in fact, decline to state which director worked on which film, and the overall presence of DoP Banzon – the film’s prime asset – makes Manila very much of a piece. "

- jonathan romney in his review of manila in screen

new wave lensing? film noir chiaroscuro? in furness!


Kat said…
Nice naman nito. Galing ni Kuya Albert. Nakapanood na ako ng mga indie films na sya yung DOP.. Minsan nagugulat nalang ako nakikita ko name nya sa credits :)
bwisit! said…
in fairness, he loves what he is doing and he is getting paid for it (well, sometimes hahaha). dop rin yata siya ng bagong movie ni sandejas. mukhang maganda!

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