ang labo mo!

it's only 5:30 in the morning and I'm already expecting to have a bad day or a stressful one at the least. buti na lang at nakatulog ako kagabi kahit na sobrang babaw at panay ang gising ko dahil sa mga nightmares. i think there is an entity living in our apartment --- not that i'm psychic or anything. perhaps i'm just going crazy, which is more likely.

speaking of crazy, i have a crazy schedule today made worse by the fact that i have to do the laundry. well, i am doing the laundry now. i've been running around the metro for the last couple of days that i barely had time to drop off the clothes at the laundry mat. my boyfriend and i have been subsisting on dirty clothes for almost two weeks. now that it's monday and i have deadlines to finish i finally decide to go to my mother's place and wash the clothes. i'm such a genius no? but i have to be out of here by 11 because i plan to drop by the gym before i go to the office at one. why on earth do i insist on going to the gym when i already have a tight schedule, you ask? i don't know. i just like making my life a little more complicated. in fact, even now as i type this i'm thinking of the articles that need to be submitted before lunch and the two simultaneous shoots that i have tomorrow. i know i make it sound like i'm so good because i have all these jobs. the truth is, i'm barely coping. i need all these rakets because i'm terrible with money. that's why i'm always broke despite the fact that i don't like shopping at all. the thing is, i'm 30 years old but i still act like im in my early 20s. that's why it breaks my heart every time i visit my mother. she's already turning into an old lady and i haven't grown up yet. i need to grow up. but it's difficult to grow up especially when i don't want to. masakit kaya sa ulo ang maging adult. the sun is already out by the way, which is good para makatuyo naman ako. but to be honest i would be happier if we had bad weather today. it would ruin everything but at least i could look at the gloomy horizon and think of sad, romantic things. what a nice way of looking at the world no?


Ate Sienna said…
ang solusyon para hindi madalas maglaba - bumili ng maraming underwear. hangga't may malinis na underwear hindi kailangan maglaba. bawal ang side a-side b.
bwisit! said…
hahaha! o kaya wag na lang magpaka-rambo! no underwear! ahahahaha!
Anonymous said…
hmmmm ilang writings mo na ba ang may themang ganito... madami-dami na cguro... :-)

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