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in furness!

"Manila street life by day and night, fabulously shot by Albert Banzon in black and white that variously evokes early new wave lensing and film noir chiaroscuro. The opening sequence of the story, introducing key characters in single shots, and laying on the nocturnal mood, is the best thing in the whole film..."

here's another one.

"The credits, in fact, decline to state which director worked on which film, and the overall presence of DoP Banzon – the film’s prime asset – makes Manila very much of a piece. "

- jonathan romney in his review of manila in screen

new wave lensing? film noir chiaroscuro? in furness!

umagang kay ganda

alam kong maganda ang aking umaga kapag...

1. isang kaway ko lang may taxi na (bongga!)
2. may masarap na brewed coffee at isang pakete ng winston red (usual breakfast ko)
3. pagbukas ng radyo, may isang malupet na rock music (it's the end of the world as we know it ng rem o kaya today ng smashing pumpkins would be ok)
4. isang text na nagsasabing yahoo may sweldo na!
5. isang masayang article ng aking paboritong columnista
6. (noong nasa school pa ako) pagkatapos kong mag-struggle gumising, maligo at magbihis, sasabihin ng pagasa: may bagyo, walang pasok. ayos!
7. may tumabing cute na yuppie sa mrt (hmmm... nakakagising talaga lalo na kung lean, kalbo at may goetee. tattoo sa braso at leeg, optional)
7. isang pimple free at fresh na fresh na fez (no explanation needed)


mga kantang tulad ng aring-kingkingking (aringkingking). i once saw a movie trailer where bong revilla sang this song. he was with assunta de rossi and he had this unbelievably disgusting smug. even now i s…

ang labo mo!

it's only 5:30 in the morning and I'm already expecting to have a bad day or a stressful one at the least. buti na lang at nakatulog ako kagabi kahit na sobrang babaw at panay ang gising ko dahil sa mga nightmares. i think there is an entity living in our apartment --- not that i'm psychic or anything. perhaps i'm just going crazy, which is more likely.

speaking of crazy, i have a crazy schedule today made worse by the fact that i have to do the laundry. well, i am doing the laundry now. i've been running around the metro for the last couple of days that i barely had time to drop off the clothes at the laundry mat. my boyfriend and i have been subsisting on dirty clothes for almost two weeks. now that it's monday and i have deadlines to finish i finally decide to go to my mother's place and wash the clothes. i'm such a genius no? but i have to be out of here by 11 because i plan to drop by the gym before i go to the office at one. why on earth do i insi…

para sa masa (or why the eraserheads, even if they are still together, can't possibly sing "toyang" over and over again)

"Pengeng singko pambili ng puto, sa mga tindera ng bitso-bitso, skyflakes, coke five hundred,pahingi ng kiss, pambayad mo sa jeepney kulang pa ng diyes... mahal ko si Toyang, pagka't siya ng simple lamang..."

I recently downloaded some of the songs from Ultraelectromagnetic Pop. I wasn't in their concert but my brother was and he said it was beyond great. It was, to borrow an adjective from Almost Famous, incendiary. I stopped listening to Ultraelectro until Circus came out in 1994. By then, "Toyang" and "Pare Ko" sounded so passe. It was all about "Ang Huling El Bimbo" and "Alapaap". The great thing about the Eraserheads was that they kept evolving, which was probably why in the end they lost most of their fans. I think the recent reunion concert was cruising purely on nostalgia. Which isn't really a bad thing but it's useless nevertheless. Then again, I would have probably thought different if I was there. Maybe it fe…

looking for answers from the great beyond

I'm pushing an elephant up the stairs
I'm tossing up punchlines that were never there
Over my shoulder a piano falls
Crashing to the ground

I'm breaking through
I'm bending spoons
I'm keeping flowers in full bloom
I'm looking for answers from the great beyond


ps. most of my sexual fantasies when i was in college involved mike stipe. my fantasy was to meet him in some artsy farsy event where we will instantly fall in love. in my young stupid mind we were the perfect match.