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cuteness personified

i'm not really a big fan of cuteness. don't like cute toy dogs, not much of a fan of cute boys (weh?) and i don't use the word "cute" that often. but this one is pretty cute. the concept was quite good but the unbelievably cute kid was undeniably the star. so cute!

knock knock (who is der?)

senyorito, may tao sa labas. hinahanap kayo?


ang kunsensya ninyo po.

Trying hard

In the town where I grew up in, I hardly had any gay friends. In fact, as I grew up, I never had any friends. I had a twin brother who was straight and I sort of tried to tag along with his buddies. And like my brother, they were all butch and sporty and loved basketball and were basically everything that I was not. But I was desperate to belong so every afternoon I was on the court with them, struggling to figure out what to do with my arms and limbs. I couldn’t shoot a ball even if my life depended on it and after every game I would go home despondent because I felt like a failure. Of course, the only sport that I could handle was volleyball and it was the only game that I participated in during the intramurals in my junior year in high school. I remember going out on the court wearing a yellow shirt and short black shorts. I actually thought I was the muse.

I was very gay. Everybody could see that but I vehemently refused to admit it to myself. I thought it was shameful. Admitting …