narcissus ikaw ba yan?

Age: 30. Hometown: Quezon City. Day job: writer. First apartment: Somewhere in Timog. I shared the apartment with a very cool lesbian couple and a fabulous free-spirited artist. It was interesting because all sorts of creative people visited the apartment. It was very bohemian. But the memory that sticks out the most was when I came home at 8 in the morning and found all the three girls mopping the water that poured in from the storm the night before. After cleaning up, one of the girls took out her copy of Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues. Everybody had to do a reading and I ended up mouthing the words: "My vagina..." Worst nightmare: Finally discovering that I actually have no talent and that I will die broke and dejected. Dream date: Piolo Pascual. What can I say, he is simply gorgeous. Most nostalgic for: The
time when I just met my boyfriend of three years. I was so in love then that I was ready to drop everything just to be with him. Of course, nowadays, things are a little bit different. Ideal day: Hanging out on the beach all afternoon, getting smashed in the evening and ending the relaxing day with a good fuck.


napaka interesting ng tinitirhan mo... hehehe
bwisit! said…
yup, i had some pretty interesting flatmates back then. nakakaloka pa yung kaibigan ko may baon pang kulintang talaga sa apartment. and on weekends, a band of artists and filmmakers would play music using these weird instruments. pero ang pinakamasarap nun, nasa sentro kami mismo ng timog. ilang steps lang inuman na!

but of course, now i live with my boyfriend. we pretty much lead a normal married life. trabaho sa umaga, tulog sa gabi, at paminsan minsan, kung sinuswerte, may landian in between hehehe.

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