killing time on a very busy tuesday night

it's the show's anniversary. we have lots on our hands. i just want to get over it with as little pain as possible. earlier, i was running around the building like a headless chicken. i'm not sure why but i was. it was ridiculous if you think about it. i should've just sat in one corner, lit a cigarette and let all the panic subside. i am now in a nearby internet shop trying to calm my nerves. we'll probably start at around 10 in the evening or worse past midnight. i hope we put out a great show. that way i could sleep soundly tonight. i always forget though that i made a promise just before the year started. that i will love myself no matter how crappy my life gets.


Richard said…
goodluck mario
bwisit! said…
hay thankfully nothing bad happened. ayus naman, praning lang talaga ako hehehe

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