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I've got three heavy bags and one large plastic container. That's where all my books are stored until I find an apartment tomorrow morning. Yes, we're moving once again. After spending three Christmases and three New Year's Eves we're, well, not exactly moving up, but moving on. I can't say that I am not excited about moving to another apartment. I just have too much bad memories in this one. What's amazing though is how much stuff we have accumulated after three years. I remember moving to this apartment with a bag of clothes and a few things stuffed inside my mother's van. Now, it would probably take us a truck before we could finally haul everything out. I'm not sure if it's a literal metaphor of how my boyfriend and I had grown through the years but something tells me it's a positive thing. Well, positive in a metaphorical sense but certainly not literally as I can't seem to figure how I'll have enough energy to carry these thing…


just discovered budgette tan's "stories from the diabolical." it's a blog about a fictitious malate club called the diabolical where all sort of weird stuff happens. it's very interesting. read it:

Saan Nagtatago si Happiness?

4:53pm. Alone in Cubao. Am watching the people outside while listening to Ryuichi Sakamoto. Suddenly I sense that something is wrong. I try to think of my deadlines. Of things I left in the house. Of future deadlines. Of bills and existing hurdles. Actually nothing's wrong. Im just happy right at this very minute. Happiness, now there's a strange sensation. Well, strange for me at least. I pause for a minute and try to relish the moment. I'm actually happy, I tell myself. Isn't that something. Oh god, what does this mean. I'm iscared.