the underpants

I just finished reading Steve Martin's adaptation of Carl Sternheim's play, The Underpants. I love it! I could see why they have decided to restage this 1910 comedy. The play revolves around Louise's underpants, which accidentally dropped during a parade. This seemingly innocuous accident causes two ardent men to troop to Louise's house and confess their lust and admiration. Louise, a long-suffering wife of a stringent mid-level worker, is of course surprised with all the attention lavished upon her. Eventually, however, after all the hoopla had subsided, the wife is left hollow.

"My fame is gone," says Louise. "I was so desired."

"Yes," Cohen says.

"But over nothing. An accident. Everyone wanted to be near me. I was notorious. But they left as quickly as they came."

"You have real worth, Louise. But our eyes were drawn into the dirt."

What I love most about the play though is its dirty humor and double entendres. In one scene, the husband is revealed to be a horndog and not as the eunuch that he is often perceived to be. He tries to seduce his wife's much older friend.

"How could we look her in the eye," asks the older woman.

"Desire adjusts morality," says the husband.

""You might not like me. I'm forty-two."

"Rivers still flow from rusty pipes."

"That's the most romantic thing anyone's ever said to me."

"I want to sleep with you. It won't take a minute."

"I'm torn. On one hand, yes. And on the other, why not."

The husband makes a move.

"Don't touch me there..." the woman scolds him.


"Better," she says.

Parang Ai-Ai - Eugene Domingo tandem lang but with much more sense.


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