Pelikulang Butas: butas na butas!

Almost a hundred men showed up in UP theater for the movie Butas. Almost a hundred. For Butas, a movie which I haven't heard of until Bam lured me to the premiere with the promise of a full-frontal. Since I am not the type who would pass an opportunity to see dangling dingdongs on screen, I readily said yes. I was free and the movie was free so who am I to say no. Plus, I like watching movies in UP theater. It makes me feel like I'm a true-blue cineaste despite the fact that I am most emphatically not. Before the screening began, a few trailers were screened. One was Padyak and the other Aurora. Padyak stars my crush of the moment: Baron Geisler. I saw him in the studio last week and boy he is cute. He looked a little flustered and I was a bit scared to even go near him. He looks like someone who will punch you in the nose just for the heck of it. But I like him anyway. He has that bad boy charm that most masochistic girls like me drool over. Before the screening started, the director of Butas went onstage to thank a few people. "This is what I hate most," he said, "standing in front of a packed theater." He really must have been nervous because when he called the cast to come onstage with him he mistook one of his actors as Carlo Maceda. "Actor niya hindi niya kilala," my friend sneered. "Ninenerbyos siguro talaga siya," I told him. Allen Dizon went to the mic and said that people should support movies like Butas because it has courage. Courage, I thought. Hm, what did he mean by that? Does it have strong political convictions? Does it explore something that hasn't been explored before? "I hope you like Butas," he continued, "you'll definitely learn something from it." Then he laughed. Sinisterly, if I may add.

Butas is about a doormat of a husband who follows his wife to an abandoned house where she gets it on with a cutie (who, if I may add, has a trimmed pubic hair and a nice looking dick). His intention was to kill them, I think, but since he is also carrying a videocam I'm now not sure what he was doing there in the first place. In fact, why is he even videotaping his wife? So he could have proof of her infidelity? Then why does he already have more than an hour of footage? Wouldnt be a few minutes be enough? And why does the camera linger ever so lovelingly on the hunk's succulent bottom? Is he gay? Apparently, the video footage has something to do with the twist near the end.

The filmmakers seem to be aiming for a Rashomon but came up with a movie in the same vein as Patikim ng P... inya. Yes, it's a Seiko movie with pretensions. Well, at least Rico Mambo knows where to put his camera. In one scene, as the two characters babble on and on about something that has nothing to do with the story, the camera was placed behind the two actors. We were, essentially, watching nothing but their asses talking. Then again, pointing the camera on the actors' faces would not do the movie any good. There was so much horrendous acting going on that I actually got distracted from the terrible story.

And seriously, Butas for a title? Even if the movie turned out to be competent, it would still be a bad title. Now, it just invites movie writers to think of statements like: "Butas: butas! Butas!" Which it is.


It's post-9/11 New York. A miasma of real danger hangs in the air and, as one of the characters observes, young lost souls head out to the Big Apple to feel something real. That, it seems, is the premise of John Cameron Mitchell's explicit film Short Bus. The three major characters, for example, couldn't, in one way or another connect: A young sex therapist couldn't achieve orgasm (an hommage to Deep Throat's Lovelace perhaps?), a dominatrix couldn't build a relationship based on equality, and a life guard who's so deeply scarred that he couldn't feel the love being given to him. ("I know that love is around me but it stops right before the skin," he says. I thought that was a good line, perfectly summarizing how depression feels like.) All three, of course, find themselves among other lost souls in Short Bus, an underground salon where sexuality runs free. "It just like the 60s," says one of the characters in referrence to the wild orgies, "Only with less hope." Shades of Rufus Meyer can be found throughout the movie, everything is a little tongue in cheek and the men are actually quite hot. Near the end, however, I thought I detected a certain haughtiness in the film's tone. As the party erupts into one big, wild orgy, I felt as if the filmmaker really believed that he is, in some way, revealing the secrets of the universe. He wasn't. To be honest, I like his Hedwig and the Angry Inch better. There was real sadness in that movie and the idea of a German with a botched operation that left him with a stump sticking out between his legs was pure camp genius.

Big Love

Caught the first and the last few minutes of Big Love. Fat guy falls for a beauty, beauty rejects fattie. Enter a comely gym instructor to help fat guy lose weight. Cut to a few months (years?) later, fat guy returns a hunk and gets it on with the beauty. Hunk realizes that he is, in fact, in love with someone else --- the comely instructor who loved him even when he still had the fat suit on. I'm guessing that the concept paper submitted for this movie was just a page long, in double space. But I don't know. I seem to have developed a great amount of affection for Toni Gonzaga. I know she's been doing the very same role even when she was still with Bulaga. But her jologs girl next door charm works for me. She is, without any doubt, my own guilty pleasure.


fuchsiaboy said…
aha! i should see butas then. i had enough of good movies lately.

shortbus is sad. i mean that in a good way.

i agree with you about toni gonzaga. that bitch has a cute bf, too. i do wish they'd exploit her talent more and give her good scripts. big love aint shallow hal cum cinderella. :)
I've seen Shortbus and I like it. Makes me feel sad though, in the same way that Y Tu Mama Tambien makes me sad. And yes the guys are hot. I also like the end song and Justin Bond (the hostess).

I've been looking for Hedwig and the Angry Inch for while but still haven't found a copy.

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