I was in a meeting. It was four in the afternoon and as I stare outside I start to wonder if I really did wake up that day. Everything is hazy, a little bit dream-like. Words roll off my tongue slowly and whenever someone talks to me it takes a full-minute before I start to understand what they are talking about. I step outside and I see props coming out of the Sis set. Two men were carrying a huge panel with green circles on them. The sun hits the green circles and briefly I was enveloped in a greenish hue. For a few seconds, I thought that I was in an aquarium and everything was moving sluggishly as if submerged in water. Then the green glass moves away and I find myself under a yellow light, its heat seeping into the pores of my skin. I light a cigarette and watch the thin smoke float and scatter above me. I keep telling myself to wake up, wake up, but it seems impossible. After all I wasn't in a dream but then again I was not exactly awake.


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