hello lover

the year is almost over and im happy that it is. im completely broke but i dont mind since i just bought something that i've always wanted to have. and i'm completely head over heels in love with it. from the moment i saw it, i was drawn to its sleek small case and lovely color. its my new lover. i am so in love with it that when my boyfriend and i sat down to have lunch, i reserved it a seat beside me.

"teka lang ha," i told him. "magi-spend muna ako ng quality time with my new boyfriend."

after which i ignored my lunch and happily surfed the net. oblivious of the fact that my boyfriend was probably bored and annoyed at my, well,annoying behavior.

"i deserve this," i told him. "i so deserve this." after all of the things that i went through this year, i needed this. but was it worth all the insanity that i experienced this year and is still experiencing? honestly, i dont care. i shouldnt care. i have been happy for the last 72 hours. i am still happy and i hope to be happy for the rest of my godforsaken life.


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