three oh shit!

i just turned 30. i know i dont have to announce this as my weathered face is already a give away. when i was 20 i was worried about turning 25. didnt the great orson welles created his masterpieces before turning 25? janis joplin, jim morrison and kurt cobain all expired before turning 30. should i now go to the kitchen and stick my head into the oven?(sylvia plath died when she was 31.)

my birthday celebration started when i met jed at close to midnight in cubao after our taping. it wasnt really for a big parteeeh! but for a raket (i have one slated for next year, yahoooo!). but of course before we talked business, we made chismis first. it was nice meeting jed again actually. i was reminded of our care free days when we would start and end our day eating and drinking in timog. boy, did i had money back then. we went home at around 4am.

a few hours later, i was awakened by weng's text messages. i was late for my appointment in makati. I dashed to gma and then to the mrt station. it was already 12:45 when i arrived in ayala so i had approximately 10 minutes to reach my destination. instead of taking a cab, which i realized would be time consuming, i decided to run instead. so i found myself sprinting across sm makati, glorieta, landmark and finally to perea street. when i arrived in ASC's office, i was drenched in sweat.

this is how my two days went:

12 midnight: coffee and meeting with jed about a project
4am: home and sleeping
11am: a quick dash to makati for an appointment
1pm: rushed to e-rod for a quick pre-prod meeting.
7pm: timog studio for yet another meeting
11pm: previewed an episode on 4th floor
1am: at my mom's place writing two scripts, which turned out to be useless since the two scripts werent used during the taping
6am: went home for a quick nap
9 to 10pm: in production hell
10:30pm: in a taxi going home

as i went home, i thought of the previous days, particularly me turning (tang-ina!) 3-0h. on one hand, i was blessed with beautiful friends and relatives. nagpapasalamat talaga ako sa mga naka-alala, nakiramay, nag-congratulate, bumati, at nagparamdam. on another, i think my birthdays are becoming shittier and shittier every year.

a few weeks ago, i was with mj. he was telling me about how paolo ballesteros came to our studio. i admit, i once had a huge crush on paolo.

"buti na lang wala ako," i said. "i look shitty."

"korek!" replied mj.


last friday, i was having coffee with rochelle. i was running around the entire day so when we finally had our dinner i was a bit nauseous. apparently, i wasnt able to digest my food well so i had to go to the comfort room three times to throw up.

"you look terrible," rochelle said.

"no, ill be ok in a few minutes," i said.

"no, you really look terrible."

"what do you mean?"

"you look jologs."


my friend ladies and gentlemen.

so i'm 30. honestly i think i need a makeover.


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Mario!!!

Just stay happy and a worry free year and the years to come... :-)
bwisit! said…
salamat! salamat! pero nyeta trenta na ako!
Anonymous said…
well... if you count the numbers it will get you even older and more worried... because numbers are "infinite" (i hope im right).
Age is just a number. The important thing is how you live your life and count the good things... like the days you spend with your partner... how many days/weeks/months youve been together... Happy thoughts!

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