strolling around decrepit hospitals looking for the cure

i have been absurdly depressed these past few days. stress at work is at an all time high. i've been missing alot of deadlines again and have been producing crappy work. yesterday i was at the philippine orthopedic hospital to do research on an article that i am writing. all i needed to know is how much backpack weigh can a kid take. no one seems to know the answer. i went to the pediatric division where i was referred to trauma. they, in return, referred me to spine. in the end, i went home with only a few information but not with the one that i want. it was lovely though strolling around the decrepit building. i love the dark hallways, the seemingly abandoned rooms, and the decaying concrete. it was four in the afternoon and the entire building was bathed in shadows. i felt like i was in an old infirmary looking for the english patient. it was romantic and, well, depressing. come to think of it, that's the only good time that i have had in the last couple of weeks. maybe i should make it a habit to stroll around old hospitals to cheer myself up. apparently, the sight of doctors in etheral white, the stench of sickness and decay, the languruous sunshine, and the air of eternal boredom comfort me. i may have found my cure.


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