to the jobs that pay the rent

ok so i overbooked. parang pal. no, parang isang barko na known sa pagooverbook. ayun tuloy kahapon habang nagru-rush akong tapusin ang isa kong trabaho, dalawa naman ang nangungulit na. oo aaminin ko masarap maraming raket, wag lang o.a. masakit siya sa ulo in fairness.

"why do you do this to yourself," asked mj (oo, nagi-english siya)

"so i could pay the rent," i said. (as if i live in a high-rish condo paying P60 thousand chenes a month)

"remember that scene in Devil Wears Prada?" he asked.

"what? the one where anne is going to work and we could see her chic transformation to the tune of vogue? i loooooove that scene."

"no! the other one!"

"what? the one where meryl streep and anne hathaway are in a limo going to Paris fashion week and anne says she doesnt like her work anymore? yun ba yun?"

"no! but that i like that scene where she throws her phone into the fountain and the camera cuts to meryl who is surrounded by paparazzi! pero hindi!"

"ah, yung opening scene, which is one of the best opening scenes in the history of film by the way! tama ba?"

"love ko rin yun pero gaga hindi! mali! ano naman ang rele nun sa pinaggagawa natin! yung scene na nasa restaurant sila ng tatay niya tapos nag-raise sila ng glass nila: 'to a job that pays the rent!' yun yun bakla ka talaga!"

"ah... i like that one too!"

"punyeta! matulog ka na nga! oatmeal na yang utak mo leche!"

so now i'm watching "It Sucks To Be Me" number from Avenue Q over and over again. i'm dazed, exhausted, and once again trapped in the deep end. its just two months till 2009 but will my life turn out for the better? i sure hope so.


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