sob stories


confidence eludes me as always but even with the recent minor (major?) setbacks i'm trying to keep afloat. however, i find myself reaching for food more and more. yesterday, i realized that i have smoked an entire pack in one sitting. we were then talking about a prospective raket and when i realized that the man that we were talking to was bullshitting us, it made me light a cig one after the other. i'm gearing for a very busy week. i just hope i get out of it in one piece.


since bam was not available last night, we decided that i sub for him in one of his rakets. the taping was in broadway studios. it was the host's big birthday bash that night and there were plenty of artistas around. there were also a sizable audience in the bleachers. during the taping, we heard a commotion in the audience area. may manganganak na raw. i tried to ignore it although i must say i was greatly intrigued. later on when a sikyu finally came to the rescue, i heard that the woman came out of the hospital to borrow money from the host. depressing noh? but since i had my own problems to think about, i just ignored them and focused on my work instead.


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