I've heard a lot of good things about Ratatouille but since i rarely believe something is good until i have seen it i didnt put much thought to it. I caught some of it on the Disney Channel earlier and what do you know it's pretty good. The movie was cruising along just like a typical animated feature until it got to the point where the uber-taray food critic visited the restaurant to write a review. i love how, upon tasting the lowly ratatouille, the critic immediately went into marcel proust mode. i thought the last few minutes of the movie were pretty good. the ratatouille caused the critic to write about how not every one can be a great talent but a great talent come from anywhere.

i think it was practically the same point that billy elliot tried to make a few years back. the only difference is instead of a rat you have a coal miner's son aspiring to be a ballet dancer. that movie also had a great ending as well with character blossoming into an accomplished danseur. i like how he was literally transformed into a beautiful swan in swan lake.

Obviously i'm a sucker for fish-out-of-water stories: billy elliot, lord of the rings (an important task is given to a lowly hobbit) and now ratatouille. it's not only because i almost always feel out of placed (sometimes even with close friends), it's also because despite of my lackluster performances (at work and in life in general) i'm somehow hoping that the best has yet to come. perhaps despite my innate stupidity, lack of social capabilities, and severe insecurities i would one day make a viewer or a reader cry, just like what remi the yucky rodent did to the poor, enamored food critic.


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