I just had a terrible day so when a dear friend asked me to have coffee I readily agreed. I was coming from an exhausting shoot and I had a mother load of angas. As soon as she arrived, I began whining. My life is a mess, I told her. I feel untalented and I truly don’t know where my life is headed. After complaining for about fifteen minutes I paused and drew a breath during which she took the opportunity to start off on a new subject. No consolatory remarks. No “I know your life sucks but your life will be better in no time”. There I was having a moment and the poor girl couldn’t help but steal the spotlight away from me. It ticked me because it was something that I never did whenever she was complaining about her pitiful life. I didn’t want to feel worser than I already do so I just went with her. I sat there smoking stick after stick after stick and wondered where my support group go.

When I arrived at the apartment the boyfriend greeted me with a wide smile. He was like a puppy with an active tail immediately pouncing on me.

“How was the taping?” he asked.

I said it was okay although it was far from okay. True, there were no major breakdowns or shouting matches but it was stressful nonetheless. I didn’t know why my boyfriend was such in a good mood. I should have asked but I didn’t. I know I should have let my mood be swayed by his cheerfulness but instead I told him about a guy who kept sending me his number through Bluetooth during the taping. Suddenly, I saw my boyfriend’s face turn into a frown. It was a shitty thing to do and I felt twinge of guilt but it was too late. I was already telling him how I somehow knew who the guy was. At that moment I was reminded of one of my least favorite people, the one who, when drowning, immediately grabs on the nearest person down with him.


Ate Sienna said…
may mga friends din ako na ganyan. bakit nga ba madali nilang isingit ang mga kwento ng buhay nila. don't they know that sometimes, it's all about me, naman... for a change man lang. :)
bwisit diaries said…
korams! korams! kahit na okay lang kumuha ng supporting roles (dahil there are no small roles only small... ano pa nga yun?) pero dapat pa-minsan minsan nagbi-bida rin. parang si katrina na kontrabida sa dyesebel na ngayon nagbibida na diva? hahahahaha!

hay, christmas na naman ate sienna! kailangan mo nang ma-meet si kuya bodjie hehehehe. how time flies!
Ate Sienna said…
dwende actors, lola. mweheheheh

mismix.. tingnan mo si albert martinez, dating bida ngayon hindi na bida. hehehe

hayyy... wag mong ipaalala ang pasko. marami akong inaanak.

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