stuffed and confused

i've been having a weird day. i feel weird and sluggish and somewhat angry. must be all the rice and adobo that i ate during dinner. or the coke that i drank. but then i have been this way ever since i woke up this morning. and to think that i had 9 solid hours of sleep. i remember going home at around three last night after watching X-Files and having coffee with rochelle. i was so sleepy that i fell into deep sleep minutes after i took off my boxers. all throughout the day i've been trying to get out of this funk because i still have to write something for tomorrow's work.

just minutes ago, while i was surfing the net, a man peered into my window and asked me to come and sleep with him. it was weird. i think he called me mark, which made me wonder if i've already met him online. in guys4men perhaps? he peered into the window and asked me — i think that what he was asking me to do — to show him my penis (i had no shirt on but was wearing board shorts). "Patingin naman oh," he said. Suddenly sweat broke across my nape. "hindi po," i told me. "dito ka nakatira?" he asked me. i said yes even if my boyfriend and i were just accompanying my mother for the night. the weird thing is from what i've seen of him (it was dark outside) he looked decent and somewhat cute. still, that didnt get me out of my funk. most of the time, weird things like these would snap me out of depression in a second.


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