why so serious?

I finally saw Dark Knight. I thought it was good but a little bit overrated. Yes, Heath Ledger's Joker was amusing and when he chanelled Tom Cruise in a pivotal scene I was immediately impressed. I just didn't buy the Joker's social experiments. Sino siya, si Tyra? I thought the object of the sinister experiments was to show the true nature of the Gothan people and, for the viewers, the Joker's pysche. The social experiments, like the one with the two boats, offered an interesting take-off but in the end it didnt really deliver. What have we learned from the experiment? That Gotham's citizens have a moral high ground? That Joker has poor judgment of people? It just doesnt do it for me.

What I like about the movie is that for the first time Christopher Nolan was able to inject a sense of real menace in a fantasy movie. One could feel the real danger of anarchists like the Joker. By throwing out style in favor of realism, Nolan was able to make Dark Knight exciting and unpredictable. However, I still think that Tim Burton's Batman Returns as the best Batman movie ever.


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