life on the Z-list

i woke up and saw that the line-up for my episode has been changed. I got up, lit a cig and went to the internet cafe down stairs to research on the new suject. then i went up to the room again, took a bath, and got dressed for the afternoon prod meeting. While on the bus, i sent a text message to my boss. cut to a few minutes later, i am in the office, receiving the new sequence from her.

During the meeting, the show's ratings were discussed. i dont know why but people dont seem to be interested in anything that i do. i've had the crappiest ratings even when i was still in bulaga. when my turn came, almost half of the people in the room were gone. good thing because standing in front of people makes me nervous. ive the worst stage fright in the history of humanity. i can only talk to three people at the most. i actually think that i have a mild austism.

i went home slightly tired. but its a saturday and the dormant alcoholic in me is urging me to go out. i dont listen to it and wait for somebody to send a text message. a few minutes later, lany asks me to join her in trinoma. i obliged. then a few minutes after, bam invites me for coffee.

i went home at around two in the morning and found my boyfriend watching that ill-fated Jeffrey Jeturian movie on Cinema One. I took a bath and as usual asked my boyfriend for a massage. Grudgingly he obliged. The movie was actually well-written but the actors were kind of crappy. i tried to listen to the dialogues while i am flat on my stomach but it was in cebuano. eventually, i drifted off to sleep and dreamed of crazy dreams, most of which I have already forgotten by now.


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