interestingly, my friend rochelle and i were exchanging text messages earlier. the guy she fancies in her class had just called her "ma'm". well, i told her, at least we know that he is respectful to the elders.

cue laugh track.

i've been feeling kinda old recently. i'm turning 30 in a few months and my hair is already receeding. crap. by the way, some of the things listed below are not true. i am a bit hopeful but my energies right now are more utilized for surviving. i think it's not age that, um, makes us old. but the stress, bad lucks and bad decisions, and fuckwits that surround us.

and oh, i dont feel like my age. if anything, i feel like a 10 year old who was set out in the bowels of quiapo alone and unprepared. but then i am turning 30 and i think it's about that i get out and survive in the urban jungle on my own.


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