battle royale + geek suffering + conrado de quiros = salvation?

I knew I was going to have a crappy day when the bus that I jumped into was playing Battle Royale on DVD. I struggled not to laugh as the Japanese kid with a chainsaw for a leg ripped her opponent into two. I could just hear the passengers' jaw dropping on the floor with each violent scene. It was so horrible that I almost wished that I was going to Taft and not to GMA so I could watch the entire movie. I went down the bus giddy with delight. I was so damn amused that I knew at that moment I was going to have a bloody Saturday.

Fast forward to 9pm. I was walking home feeling a little dejected. The winds were already howling by then and I could feel the storm coming in. I felt like Harvey Pekkar. I was like a character on some Daniel Clowes comic book. I realized that I like reading stories about geek suffering but I never really liked being a geek. I'll be honest, I've always wanted to be a beauty queen instead. I was already a few blocks away from our house when I saw someone wearing a T-shirt that says "Struggling Artist." I am most emphatically not an artist. I'm not even a writer in the proper sense of the word. But somehow I felt that the moment was significant. As I ponder on what the universe was telling me, I then spotted Conrado De Quiros coming out of the compound. Hmmm, I thought, the universe is telling me something. I tried to connect the dots: Battle Royale, stressful night, T-shirt, and conrado de quiros. Then I realized that it's useless to any make sense of it as life doesnt exactly make any sense at all.


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