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silly love songs


He storms out of the room. I scream. He closes the door and runs down the building. I stay in the room, seething in anger. Ang sa akin lang naman ay maging praktikal ka. I am so angry I bury my face in the pillow. From beneath, I could still hear our neighbor singing a saccharine love long, his horrible voice echoing all over the empty room.


Saddled with enough stress to last a lifetime, I bang the bathroom door. I scream and throw things on the floor. He remains silent in our room. I barge in and slumps on the bed. He turns off the PC and climbs out to the balcony. I wait for him to come and be with me on the bed. He stays firmly seated in his seat. The sun sets in the horizon. Little by little, our small room is enveloped in darkness. Finally, he comes in. I look up and reach for him.


We were listening to Billy Holiday. It was around lunch and all the doors and windows in our apartment were open and the blazing sunshine filled every corner of the room. I remember it felt lik…

she stared at the empty space...

She stared at the empty space on the bed and wondered where he was. She didn’t realize she had fallen asleep. She was alone in the room but the lights were on. The fluorescent light glowed intensely above her and she could hear utensils being tossed and chairs being pulled in the kitchen. Since the room had no windows she could only assume that it was already dinnertime.

She remained on the bed and tried to listen to the conversations outside. She could hear her brother and her boyfriend discussing about something on TV. She could hear them laughing about some girl and she thought of joining them but she was too lazy, too sleepy still. She felt hot and she could feel sweat trickling down her underarms. She tried to remember when she began to fall asleep but she couldn’t tell the exact point she began to drift off. All she could remember was that they were in her brother’s room playing some Beatles songs and that they have exhausted all the possible things they could talk about so they…

dear diary

March 30, 2008

I woke up at around nine o’clock. I dreamed that I was behind my deadlines again and my boss treated Lany and me to KFC. I was at the counter waiting for the server to get my order. After a few minutes, she went up to me and asked me what I wanted and added that I should’ve called her attention earlier. “Hindi ka kasi nagsasalita eh,” she told me in a haughty voice. This ticked me and I told her that her job is to get orders and if she wasn’t as stupid as she is she would have realized that I was waiting for someone to approach me. She looked at me in total shock. I was angry. I even put my finger on her forehead to embarrass her even more. When I woke up, I could still see her imploring face but I didn’t feel anything.

I went out of the room to make some coffee, which we were out of. I sat in the kitchen and wondered why I even bother to wake up early in the morning. Then I realized that I wake up in the morning so I could have a quiet time working on the script, which …