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oh crap!

A few weeks ago, I was watching TV and a woman wearing a hideous gown was telling me that I would be having a terrible year. The mere thought of having another round of 12 shit-eating months almost made me jump from the window. And now that the Chinese New Year has finally kicked in, I may have to hunt the lady down and force her to reverse the fung shei curse.

It’s official. This year stinks like a fresh dog turd. Though my financial woes may come to an end in the next few weeks it still doesn’t stop me from hurting. I can’t wait for this year to be over.

Know Your Star Witness

Para kay Jun Lozada na ngayon ay nasa Senado isinisiwalat ang katotohanan sa ZTE deal, here are a few questions about the past star witnesses that have captured the nation's attention...

1. Sinong "J" ang mahilig sa malalaking shades at naging star witness ng The Visconde Massacre kung saan nakulong si Hubert Webb at sumira sa political career ng basketball star turned movie actor turned politico na si Freddie Webb?

2. Sinong "G" na isa ring dating artista at ka-live in ngayon ng isang milyonaryong businessman ang nagsabing si Aiko at hindi si Ruffa ang tunay na Best Actress sa Metro Manila Film Festival scam?

3. Sinong "C" ang nagsabi sa Senado na "yes" si dating President Joseph Estrada si Jose Velarde sa impeachment case nuong 2000?

4. At for your final and jackpot question: Sinong "G" ang naging witness nuong gabing binuo nina Aga Muchlach at Janice de Belen si IgiBoy? Tingnan lang natin kung masagot ninyo ito.

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I recently saw Casablanca again. I think a few years ago it topped the list of the most romantic movies ever made. Anthony Minghella paid homage to it in The English Patient. Remember when Almasy is in the market and buys Katherine a thimble and she says isn’t it a little overpriced and Almasy snaps back: “I don’t care to bargain.” It’s also in Casablanca only Humphrey Bogart buys Ingrid Bergman a piece of jewelry or a wallet or was it a parrot? I don’t remember. Anyway, I recently saw the movie again and when it came to the scene where Bogart is finally asking Bergman to climb the plane with Lazlow and telling her that if she stayed maybe she’ll not regret it today or tomorrow or in the next couple of months but eventually she will. I finally realized why this scene is considered one of the most romantic moments in the history of the cinema. But, if I may disagree, I found the scene where Claude Rains bare-facedly lies to his troops to let Bogart off the case a little more romantic.

A gay guy, his boyfriend, and the mother

I brought my boyfriend to our New Year’s Eve dinner last year. At that time we had been out only once but I was so crazy — dangerously as your lola Beyonce would say — in love that I demanded that he be with me during the celebration. Now fast forward twelve months later. It’s Christmas and my boyfriend is cooking our Noche Buena. Of course my mother knows that I’m gay. How could she not know when I would gladly sit with her every time there was an international beauty pageant on TV? Helow, pati Binibining Pilipinas di naming pinapalagpas noh?

But my mother wasn’t supportive in the beginning. After college as I slowly made my way out of the closet I started dating every gay guy available. Whenever my dates would fetch me in the house, she would give them dagger looks and ask me where I am going. Though I always had a pretty good idea where my date and I would end up at the end of the evening, I would casually tell her: “Oh somewhere.” Then she would give me a curfew. My imaginary Cher…