perfect day to give a magnum a much deserved blowjob

This is the perfect day for a suicide. The sun feels warm, the streets are quiet, boredom hypnotizing me into stupor while sadness creeps from within, bubbling little by little into the surface.


"Let me entertain you! Boom! Boom! Let me entertain you! Boom! Boom! Hoy pumalakpak kah!"

- Alma Moreno as Stella in Gosengfiao's Bomba Star.


Marissa Delgado is slowly inching her way to has-been-dom as her arch-rival, Stella, is being groomed as the next Bomba Star. She is on the bed while her gay assistant paints her nails.

"Sino ang pinaka-maganda?"


"Sino ang pinaka-sikat?"


"Sino ang pinaka-box office?"


"Sinong pinaka-paborito mo?"

The gay assistant's face lights up and says:

"Si Vilma!"


- Bomba Star


Stella's movie finally premieres with much fanfare. The theater is jampacked with fans. Then Marissa shows up with a gun and wreaks havoc among the moviegoers. A stampede occurs as the moviegoers try to get out of the theater, leaving some of them dead, including Ate Luds playing as herself. Ricky Belmonte gets pushed out of the balcony and falls into the ground. His lover, a young Eddie Gutierrez, who looks like his son Richard but with massive sex appeal, screams his name and promptly jumps after him. Meanwhile chaos continues.


"Wala tayong pagkain. Wala tayong tubig. Wala tayong kuryente. Eh di magsayaw tayo!"

- Temptation Island


atesienna said…
grabe! i remember the title but I don't remember the film anymore. hehehehe.. mistulang mag-joey albert ako kuning-kuning.

pero dibanaman... the theatrical scenarios! wala nang ganyan ngayon ("sadly" ba o "fortunately?")

ako man, kay vilma pa rin! hehehehe
fuchsiaboy said…
it's a crazy planets!
bwisit diaries said…
hahaha ate sienna unfortunately pramis! well, we can always depend on carlitos to give us bad baaaad baaaaaad movies hahahaha!

hi fuchsiaboy! thanks for the comments. Saw you on preview mag's It List. Congratulations! pag may fashion show ka go kami ni rik ha hehehehe!
Anonymous said…
Gawd, Bomba Star! I loves me some Alma Moreno's "look no bra" scene in an empty pool.
kawadjan said…
great post!

and absolutely great blog! galing!

(ni-recommend sa akin ni fuchsiaboy. )
nahasa ang pinoy movie skills ko dito...although i've slipped some lines. kailangan balikan. hahaha
Anonymous said…
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